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Visualizing the #GoldenGlobes with SAP Lumira

Here are a few visualizations created with SAP Lumira for the Golden Globe awards show this week. We pulled social data using SAP Social Media Analytics and created a number of visualizations using SAP Lumira. Our goal was to gain insight into the overall sentiment from the awards show and which celebrities were mentioned the most. Using the latest innovations in SAP Lumira we were able to grab the data, prepare it, analyze, and create a visual story which we could share. Here’s a few views of what we created.

The first view is of positive and negative sentiment over the duration of the Golden Globes:

goldenglobes sentiment.PNG

The second view is a tag cloud view of the top celebrity mentions:


Visualizations can be shared from the desktop to SAP Lumira Cloud, so others can gain insights. This view shows the “did you know” feature, providing relevant insight based on the analysis. Did you know Jennifer Lawrence was mentioned 21 times more on social media than the average celebrity during the Golden Globes?


You can dive into the data in via SAP Lumira Cloud in the browser or via a mobile device to investigate further, here’s a view of the explore feature within SAP Lumira Cloud which allows you to ask questions of the data and come up with your own insights.


Download SAP Lumira and try analyzing the Golden Globes sentiment data for yourself, here’s the Lumira source file.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Awesome Nic!

      I was hoping that I would see a Golden Globes visualization~~

      Can you share where you got the data from, I'd love to see what else happened there!! (Were you just searching on Twitter using SAP Social Media Analytics? --Another great tool offered by SAP for sentiment analysis, among other analysis)



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Nic, it is a good idea to lumira on Golden Globes.

      I had the same curiosity as Bijan how you made it using SAP Social Media Analytics.

      🙂 ~xing

      btw, it would be nice if lumira could change the background photo if mouse over different names.

      Author's profile photo Nic Smith
      Nic Smith
      Blog Post Author

      Check out the blog post, I've added a link to the source data pulled from social media you can analyze with Lumira.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      That seems like a crazy idea (crazy=good)!!

      It may have some business applications... You should suggest that on the Idea place!
      (The IDEA has been suggested ... Read it HERE!)


      Which blog post are you referring to? (I can't find it on this Data Samples Document)
      I see this lums file that you linked to, but can't find the source data. (Ended up using the data that's included in the Prepare tab from your import.... )

      Would be very interested in your process of data acquisition and import (including cleansing)!!

      Like the new updates on the cloud as well!! "Did you know?" *kaboom* hit it on the head!