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Using a special tool <> while debugging in Web Dynpro ABAP

Hi, Welcome 🙂

I would like to demonstrate the scenario of using a special tool called “Web Dynpro” while debugging WDA applications.

While debugging Web dynpro applications, we would be looking for viewing the data filled at runtime in context nodes, along with available runtime objects of whole WDA component.

The new debugger application is having a special tool called “Web Dynpro”, which helps in analyzing the WD context data at runtime along other runtime objects.


Basic knowledge of Web Dynpro ABAP, OO ABAP


Here, I would like to demonstrate the simple application with a table filled with 3 rows of data as below

  • Creat a WDA component with a view V_MAIN
  • Create a context node with attributes FIRST_NAME & SECOND_NAME
  • Fill the data  in method WDDOINIT( )  of component controller & activate the component
  • Add an ui element TABLE and bind it to the context node of component controller
  • Creata an application and here is the out of our application


Now, I set “External Breakpoint” in method WDDOMODIFYVIEW( ) of view V_MAIN

When we run our application, the debugging window opens up as below


Choose your preferred desktop in debugging window & click on “New Tool” as shown in the above picture

Upon clicking on New tool button, a dialong box opens up as below


Choose  “Web Dynpro” option under “Special Tools” node ( as shown in above picture ) and now the web dynpro debugger window opens up as below


Here, we can see WD component structure with component controller, view, window information.

Chose component controller and then open the node DEMO_1, we can see the values filled inside the context node along with lead selection details

We can also, navigate into the context of view as below


Also, we can visit the component usages and analyze the data filled in respective context nodes.

This tool is very helpful for analysing context nodes and its data filled at runtime in complex applications 🙂

I appreciate any comments/feedback 🙂 🙂 🙂

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