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Using BAdi HRXSS_PER_SUBTYPE to control dynamically the Read Only Mode in ESS-Personal Profile (EHP6)

Going through the blog Exciting Enhacements to ESS Personal Information Profile in Enhancement pack 6 by Sagar Joshi , I came across the BAdi HRXSS_PER_SUBTYPE to control the Read Only mode. In this blog I will demonstrate the implementation of this BAdi to dynamically control the Read Only mode and to add further flexibility I will use a custom feature to determine the subtypes that are to be made Read Only.

Problem Description : Let’s say that the customer has requirement as follows :

Employee Group Read only mode for subtypes of Communication
Regular Employees BLOG
Contractor BLOG/FB
Others NA

( The subtypes don’t reflect much of the real world requirement but for demo purpose, I chose these subtypes.)

Solution :

The above problem can not be simply solved by checking the “Data must be displayed as read-only” in the “Determining the Active Subtypes and Make Settings” node of SPRO.


Checking the box would simply make the BLOG subtype ReadOnly for all employees.

This is where the BAdi comes to our rescue.

The solution consist of following steps:

– Creating custom Feature “ZZESS”.

– Implementing the BAdi HRXSS_PER_SUBTYPE.

Note : The use of custom feature is completely optional and one can just simply code the constarints in the BAdi implementation.I used the feature just to make sure that everytime some constraints are added/modified I don’t need to touch the implementation.And feature is something that can be easily maintained by non technical folks also.

The feature ZZESS has been created and maintained as follows :


With PME04 structure , the feature provides you control over all the Organizational Assignment aspects like personnel area,comapny code etc to dynamically set the Read Only mode.

The code snippet to show the implementation of the BAdi HRXSS_PER_SUBTYPE method MODIFY_SUBTYPES :





Now to see the changes in action , let’s first assign system username to an employee belonging to Employee Group – Regular Employee and check the Communication Infotype in Personal Profile :

EG - Regular.jpg

As specified in the custom feature ZZESS , the Blog subtype is set to Read Only.

Now, assigning system username to employee belonging to Employee Group – Contractor and checking the Communication infotype in Personal Profile:

EG - Contractor.jpg

The Blog and Facebook subtypes are set to Read Only mode as specified in the custom feature ZZESS.

Communication Infotype in Personal Profile when the system username is assigned to Employee Group other than the above two – say Partner:

EG - Partner.jpg

All the subtypes of Communication infotype are set to edit mode as nothing has been specified in the feature for this Employee Group.

The use of BAdi HRXSS_PER_SUBTYPE makes it real easy to dynamically control the Read Only mode and custom feature addition makes it just more flexible.

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  • Excellent Blog Ashutosh.

    Idea of controlling this functionality using a feature(rather than using a table or hardcoded logic) is very innovative.

    Looking ahead for more blogs from you !



  • hi Ashutosh,

    You expanied in a perfect way, initially i was struggled how to make it read only mode ( display ) this helps many people in coming days ,come up with more like this Ashutosh.....All the best .




  • Hi Ashutosh,

      I have a weird case, i am not able to see "Data must be displayed as read-only" in the "Determining the Active Subtypes and Make Settings” node of SPRO. We are in EHP 5.

      In the BADI method MODIFY_SUBTYPES, i am not able to debug this by keeping a break point. I have kept a breakpoint in this method and i am executing the personnel information screen, debugger doesn't come. Please help me out on this.



    • Hi Yugandhar,

      The purpose of this blog was to show how to control the Readonly mode dynamically based on different business cases in EhP6,

      And this blog is not intended for EhP5 users. As Roger had already commented that

      " The 'Data must be displayed as read-only' setting is not available in EHP5, only EHP6".



  • Hi  Ashutosh,

    We are facing an issue, our client wants to hide create and Delete options for all users,
    so we tried it using BADI and also via Determining the Active Subtypes and Make Settings but both are not wroking. We have Application on Portal in WD Java.

    Kindly help if possible.

    Thanks  &  Regards,
    Arjav Gandhi.