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SAP NEW GL – BW Reconciliation Quick Steps

Quick steps to reconcile the data between ECC and BW for General Ledger accounting – Leading Ledger(0L).

Snapshot below taken for one GL Account & for one company code for the year 2013 from the summary table in ECC Side. This is for the DS – 0FI_GL_10.

We can do the same reconciliation steps for the line item level data using the table FAGLFLEXA which is used by the DS 0FI_GL_14,however is should match with the totals tables and since the volume of the posting would be more for an account, total table level reconciliation is suffice. If needed we can do the reconciliation between the line item and the summary level cubes in BW side.

Authorization required :

SE16N (ECC),


Listcube (BW)

Tables Used



Go to Transaction FS10N,

Balance 2013.PNG

Now check the data in  table FAGLFLEXT for the period 12 – 2013 , with the filter on Debit Credit Indicator.





Balance as of Period 11 =  192,966,991.54 , Balance  for period 12  = 62,440,065.16

Total Cumulative balance for 2013 = Cumulative  Balance as of period 11  + period 12 balance ; 255,407,056.70

Which will be reflected as the opening balance for the year 2014.

2014 Balance.PNG


After the data loads, go to Listcube transaction and give the relevant company code ,account numbers in the selection screen what you gave  in ECC,

Note : Select Currency type 10 and Value type = 10.

The Ledger 0L denotes here is the leading ledger.


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