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Short time ago I was faced with the issue to transfer my SAP Client Passport certifcates from a Windows 7 installation to Windows 8.1.

After processing the Signle Sign-On Wizard in the SAP Support Portal (in IE11) I received always errors about my active X settings in Internet Explorer.

So after a long time of trying to change my activeX settings i tried to use the IE Developer Tools and found a way to install my passport certificates into Windows 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11.

  1. To open the IE Developer Tools press F12
  2. On left side change to the options “Emulation
  3. Change the “Documents modus” to 5
  4. Change the “Browser Agent” to “Internet Explorer 7”


(Sorry for the german screenshot)

After reconnecting to including the changed browser settings the import Wizard of Windows 8.1 works fine.

Don’t forget to reset your emulation Settings!

For the new Support Portal you may have to select Document modus ‘7’. (Thanks to Fabian Krüger!)


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  1. S Sriram

    Hi Hiller

    Thanks for your information

    Is this same steps for Windows 7 with IE11 ? could you tell us about any changes?



      1. S Sriram

        Hi Chrishtian

        No man, its not working. its show the error message as mention screen shot


        “the Execution of the ActiveX control could not perform correctly” i am already enable the Active X controller but same message, Could you guide me how to resolve the passport issue

        Thanks & Regards


    1. Dimitar Georgiev

      The trick from Christian works on Windows 7 (x64) and IE 11. I had this issue and it helped. Please note you must set the user agent string to IE 7 or it will not work. I tried IE 8 and the crappy IE froze. Here is an English screenshot.2014-02-19 12-26-42 AM.jpg

      Thank you Christian!

  2. Chia-Wei Hsu

    Swiching to compatibility mode in IE 11 doesn’t work for me (Windows 7 64bit), so I uninstalled IE11 and back to IE10, then it works.

    You may install IE 11 again after importing the SSO certificate if you want.

  3. Former Member


    I found a very simple solution. Just use Google Chrome to get and install the certificate. Chrome uses the IE certificate storage. After successfully adding the certificate to Chrome, you also can use it with IE.



  4. Former Member

    Excellent tip.  In my specific case, I have a Windows 10/IE 11 combination.  I had to leave the “Document mode” with the “11 (Default)” value, but changed the “User agent string” to “Internet Explorer 7”:


    With this setting I was able to install the SAP Passport certificate.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Daniel Leal


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