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How to install SAP Passport single sign-on certificate in Windows 8.1 (IE11)

Short time ago I was faced with the issue to transfer my SAP Client Passport certifcates from a Windows 7 installation to Windows 8.1.

After processing the Signle Sign-On Wizard in the SAP Support Portal (in IE11) I received always errors about my active X settings in Internet Explorer.

So after a long time of trying to change my activeX settings i tried to use the IE Developer Tools and found a way to install my passport certificates into Windows 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11.

  1. To open the IE Developer Tools press F12
  2. On left side change to the options “Emulation
  3. Change the “Documents modus” to 5
  4. Change the “Browser Agent” to “Internet Explorer 7”


(Sorry for the german screenshot)

After reconnecting to including the changed browser settings the import Wizard of Windows 8.1 works fine.

Don’t forget to reset your emulation Settings!

For the new Support Portal you may have to select Document modus ‘7’. (Thanks to Fabian Krüger!)


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