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DSO Activation Failure – TIMES-CONVERTED Error

Hi All,

When you encounter the error : DSO Activation Failure With TIMES-CONVERTED, follow the below process.


Right click on DSO Activation faiure step and go to display message, drill down to see the below error message.


Copy the Characteristic Value – In this case “20140113200160”

Go to Process Monitor -> click on the PSA symbol (this takes you to source) ->Click on PSA.

Now go to the request which is red in Administrative target (green in PSA) and make it red manually as below:


Now delete the request in target.Now In PSA it will be as below:


Click on Monitor Infopackage and now here click on PSA symbol. Below screen appears. Click ok.


Now find the field Long time stamp.


Now take the error value – “20140113200160″ and split it as “”

Now in the field –  find all the values that are “″ and make it to Or the records.

Make the status of IP back to technical status.

Now Execute the DTP manually for the target and activate the request

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  • Thanks for your efforts and time.

    Its same way we edit the records at PSA for invalid chars.

    Bit confused at your last pic PSA Maintenance. When we have problem for 20140113200160, why we need to save 20140113200159/158/157.



    • Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

      This is the error with Times Convertion, this occurs when the last digit goes to 60.
      As you know in time after 59 seconds its 00.. so we will not have 60 value.
      If in case there are records which gets this value during times conversion, the DSO activation fails.
      So we need to make it 59 to 58 so that next time it will be 59 and not 60 🙂 , hope you got it .



    • Hi sonal good work but i've small doubt here because if you've few records in PSA we can apply this solution however if the records are more then i think it's not some thing practically work 😕 because we also come similar issue but we have fixed the issue with different approach 😐

      don't mind it's just my personnel opinion 😎


      PFB for more details of the same issue which we have come across.

      Correct record:

      In the below time stamp value as we can see that the number after decimal is less than 50 (i.e. 49) which results in correct time stamp 22.09.2013  03:59:59.

      20,130,922,015,959.4979960 is getting round off to 22.09.2013 03:59:59 (this is correct for SID generation)

      Incorrect record:

      In the below time stamp value we can see that the number after decimal is greater than 50 (i.e.51) which results in incorrect time stamp 20130922015960 and cause activation failure.

      20,130,922,015,959.5167960 is getting round off to 20130922015960 (this is invalid for SID generation)

      this leads DSO activation failure in corresponding process chain.