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The SCN Download Center Is Now on the SAP Store: What’s New?

We are really happy to announce that the old SCN Download Catalog has been moved to its own space in the SAP Store. In this new space, each package will be searchable. We initiated the migration project more than three years ago because the platform was old and unstable, the server was difficult to access and to maintain. Now we can offer a better user experience and we’ll be able to do a tracking for downloads.

How to find a Download Package

Please go to the Software Downloads space on SCN and use the Software Download Search to look for your download package.You can also search for your download package directly on the SAP Store using it’s search functionality.


How to download a package

The SCN Download Catalog on the SAP Store offers a modern design and a clear catalog structure. The first catalog page indicates the package name and version, how it is rated and a short description of the download package. The free download packages are marked accordingly.


When clicking on the download button (Get it now), a pop-up opens.To get the download you need to fill in your credentials and to accept the SAP authorization as the Terms and Conditions by marking the corresponding check fields.


Having done this the download link will be provided to you via an email. From the catalog overview page you can get further information about the download package by opening the corresponding tabs (for example, screenshots and videos – if provided by the package owner – additional technical information, customer reviews, solution provider and related solutions displayed as small widgets).

One of the pain points and a key reason for the migration was the fact we couldn’t track the number of downloads for each package. The SAP Store will enable us to see the items, views and the number of downloads for each package. These numbers will be generated and presented once a month to the stakeholders. If you are a package(s) owner, please contact us for more information.

How to upload a package
To upload a package, please send the necessary information (name of the package, version and size, technical description, documentation, screenshots and videos) about the download package to Ingvild Bayer or David Metser. Upload your package to SAP Box and send the link to Ingvild Bayer or David Metser. Your content will be checked and then published on the SAP Store and your package will be transferred to the Akamai Server.


Please contact us for any questions. We look forward to your feedback and comments.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Scott Lawley who helped us to make this happen and to Mikael Delbreus, the project manager, who drove this project.

Ingvild and Dedi

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  • The new platform "SAP Store" look good and user-friendly.

    I have only one issue: for some free application, "Get it now" or "Download" button does not exist. Only "Contact me".
    for example "SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.03 64-bit Trial", 


    I still search for the cause, maybe I need to register in other part...Maybe the migration is not finish yet, and the download is not available.


    Thanks in advance for an answered.

    • Hi Cristina,


      let the SCN guys finish the migration. It should be done by 28th of Jan. After that I expect that some of downloads will not work for all the counties into which particular ID (used to login to SAP Store) is associated with. In this case we will need to ask SCN people to enable it for specific country on ad- hoc basis.

      At the moment most of downloads are enabled for US and Germany. I guess this is why you cannot download it.




      • I let them, of course.I am sure they make a great job and the migration is complex and time consuming.

        Only that this announcement was made 2 weeks ago and in another post somebody said that on 26.01(yesterday) they expect to be ready.

        I think also to this possibility, that the migration is not ready, but I was not sure because I am new on the community and for sure are many tips that I don't know.


        2. I am in Germany, from this requirement should be ok.


        Thanks for your answered.

        • Just one more point to the country topic. Maybe you are aware just making sure... It is not IP address of country that is being checked Actually it is ID of your S* user. You can check country associated with your S* ID on under User Data Maintenance. Not sure if same check can be done also on ...


          Let's see tomorrow if it will be working. I'm also curious in case of my user ID.




  • Same here - I only get the 'Contact me' button. I did that and got a friendly email suggesting I get the cloud version instead - for an additional charge.


    I guess I really have to wait for the free download to be available one of these days.


    Thanks for resolving the issue,


  • Martin, Cristina,


    I got one step further - saw the 'Trial Version' button and not the 'Contact me' button at the SAP Store.

    - Clicked and received an email with link to SAP store download, containing links to 2 files. (ABAP 7.02 (NOT 7.03, but good enough if it worked...) Trial 64bit 1.84 GB and ABAP 7.02 Trial 2.06 GB.

    - Either click on any of those links resulted in an error message; Error 403 and 'file not found' respectively.


    Conclusion: I will wait until tomorrow and try again...



  • Maybe I help with this details:

    It's about downloading:

    "SCN - SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 64-bit Developer Edition"

    I recive a link for 2 archives:

    • ABAP Trial 7.02 Win 64 bit Version, 1,84 GB
    • ABAP Trial 7.02 Win 64 bit Version - Export, 2,06 GB


    I think is something related to the fact that on the page with the download I am not logged in, and I have not this possibility because does not exist any log-in button.


    I try like this:

    -I open -- and I  log in. I remain on the page.

    -In other tab (I try also in the same) I open the download link witch I receive on the email, witch start with: "", so it's from sap store webpage.

    If I go from this page to sap store, by clicking the button "Sap Store"(link from the footer bar, I go on SAP store but I am not logged in.


    The error from firefox:

    1'st archive: " An error occurred while processing your request., Reference #50.9a4a9f3e.1390859064.4a8844e  "

    2'st archive: "File not found."


    Error from IE 11:

    1'st archive, error 403 "The website declined to show this webpage". Most likely causes:•This website requires you to log in.

    This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.

    2'st archive: error 404 =Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but the page you wanted was not found.

  • Hallo,


    ...nice, to summariese all downloads to the sap-store.


    But -

    I have got a problem to download the 2nd Part of a package - the virtual disk of the SAP NW Gateway Trial for fedora (The VM with fedora is running...

    The old link is:

    out of :

    I tried to find it in  - no way.

    My sdn/S User is located in Austria....

    I am very thankful for any help!

    cu Thomas

  • Hello,


    I´ve got a problem with the dowload "AP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 34-bit Trial SP6".


    Somebody knows if this package is available?


    If the answer is yes, please describe me the steps to download the package?


    Thank you.


    Best Regards.


    Hugo Silva.

  • Hi Silva,


    I think it's available for download, if you search around you will be able to find it.

    I downloaded WIN version, now am trying to find suse linux version to download and install.

    I have some issue with install after downloading the Trial version.

    Will let you guys/girls know about progress and will update soon with link to the download and may be short how to install for the first time sap gui.



    Very sincerely,



  • Update for Download 'SCN SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.02 64-bit Developers Edition':


    Hi SAPpers,


    I was able to successfully download the 1st file (1.84GB) via the SAP Store, but still received an Error 304 when trying to download the 2nd file (2.04GB).


    Bottom line: Some progress, but still not working... Please keep on working on it and fix it, or someone provide (or point me to...) a temporary link that works to download the 2nd file!




  • will there ever be a hierarchical navigation structure here to NAVIGATE to required software instead of searching for it ?


    Not all users are familiar with proper names of our varios software offerings and only having search will not improve their expirience finding and downloading what they need.

  • /
  • I am unable to find ANY of the BusinessObjects sample SDK code here.  A search on any combination of the words BI4, BusinessObjects, SDK, Sample Code may bring in a couple of items but NONE of them have anything to do with the very rich list of code samples that used to exist and the links I used to use to get to those samples no longer work. 

  • I am very unhappy with the migration. It is well past the end of January, and most things are just gone.


    The search box is not very helpful. It presents results that lead me back to the SCN download page, but not to anything in the SAP Store.


    I will end this comment here before I start to fret on "three years preparation"

    • Hi All,

      We had a problem with the bigger files and the redirects.

      We managed to fix almost everything and all the ABAP files, that some of you got shared link for, are now live and working!!! With the redirects we faced a few bumps in the road and I hope it will be solved very soon.


      I will soon post a link to a list that maps the old solutions name and where they can be found on the store and this will enable everyone to find what they are looking for.


      Please note the store button says TRIAL but it is free!!! The reason is due to the Store platfom and we are looking into it as we agree it needs to say FREE.


      As for the countries ths items are free and threrefore available globaly. If you don't see them just change the store name in the filter in the upper side of the store to the right conrtry and the problem is solved.


      We had a few platform chalanges and we are trying to do our best to overcome these challanges.


      Please DM me or email to SAP SCN Content Operations <>

      and I will help to the best of my ability.


      We are doing our best to fix all the problems and hope that the end result will be much better than what we had.


  • Why don't I see products like Crystal Reports 2013, SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio, Crystal Reports 2008, Crystal Reports Server 2013? All of these have evals available from various links:

    SAP - Crystal Reports 30-Day Evaluation

    SME Free Trials | SME Software | SAP

    SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio: Updates & Runtime Downloads


    But it would be nice to have them in a central place like this(?).


    Another point. There is a PAM for CR 2011 feature Pack 3 link on the "Software Downloads" but a PAM in not a product or software. It's a document. Why is it here?

  • Hi All,


    Just created an account for myself.


    Is there a community edition of Crystal for developers that I can download?


    I would like to come back up to speed with Crystal.

    • CR4E is of no use to you without BI Platform. So the assumption is that you do have BI and thus you also have an SAP Service Market Place login ID. Use that to get to SMP and then download CR4E from there.



      - Ludek

  • Hello together,


    After several trials, I am not able to download even search the SCN - SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 64-bit Developer Edition inside the SAP Store,

    any ideas how to solve it to me?

    Really thanks in advance.


  • hi,

    i am new to this SAP environment is there anyone who can advise me I am doing SAP Solutions Manager 7.1 and I need to download the free if any or the trial version or community edition where i can practice before my exams. I am looking for the executable file for the application.