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Hello Friends.

As we know about the tables and fields.

We also know all information are stored in a table and a particular field. It’s very difficult to memorize all tables and all fields.

We can get this from F1 – Technical Information for table and field.

The fields names are always shown correct. But for table name, sometime its shows the structure name instead of table name.

For an example

When we press F1 on field Short Text on screen ME51N. We can see as well the Short Text field name, but in table portion we can see a structure name not a table name.


As we know the field Short Text (TXZ01) is stored in EBAN table, but we can’t find this from F1 screen.

Its shown a structure name as MEREQ3211GRID.

In that situation, we have to find the original table name for this field.

Here I am giving the 3 way to find the original table for any field.

Way 1:

When the above pop-up comes, double click on the “Data Element”.


Now you can see a screen of Display Data Element.


Now you can see the data element screen for the field Short Text.

Now Press Where-Used List. This is on application menu bar ScreenShot.jpg

You can see another pop-up screen will come, which is like below screen.


As we need the table name, so remove the all tick without Table Fields.

Now press enter or continue.

After pressing enter, you will find a list.


This list shows you on which table the field is used.

It means in the listed tables, you can find the field Short Text (TXZ01)

We can see 15 Hits comes on the screen.

It means the field TXZ01 is used in 15 tables.

Now we can find the table as per our requirement. We need the table for ME51N (Purchase Requisition).

We can see Purchase requisition is also listed in the list.


And we can also see the table name for Purchase Requisition.

If you have found a many number of hits, then you can search for your table with given description.

Like as if you want to know the table for PR, then you can search as purchase requisition



In that way we can find the original table name for this particular field.

(Note: I know I have given an easy field and table name, But I am just sharing the procedure to see the original table name for a particular field)

Way 2 :

This is a similar way as way one.

Just first step is little different.

If you know the field name, then we can enter it directly in SE11 screen and we can get the Table name.

In SE11 screen, on the field Database Table, give the field name (Where usually we give the table name)


Now press display.

You can see the Display Data Element screen.

You can do the further process which we have already discussed in the Way 1 section.

Way 3 :

This is little different way.

Use t-code SE84 or SE15.


You can see an initial screen is appearing for Object Navigator.

Now from here select the option

ABAP Dictionary-Fields-Table Fields.

Now Double click on Table Fields.

You can see a screen is will come on right side of the screen.


Here give the field name as TXZ01.


Then Press execute.

Now you will get the all table list for the field TXZ01.


Here you also use the search option which I have discussed in way 1.

In these above 3 ways, you can find the original table name for a particular field.

So don’t worry when you see a structure name in table field, just use one option from above and you will get the table original table name.

Thanks and Regards

Dev Patra.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Dibyendu Patra,

    This is really a nice document to save our time without wasting for seraching a t code. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and keep sharing.


    Lakshmi S

    1. Dibyendu Patra Post author

      Thanks Lakshmi.

      Yes you can also find the t-code which is associated with a program.

      A field can’t be associated direct to t-code. So you can’t find the t-code with regards to a field. You can find t-code with regards to the program from SE38 – Where used list.

      The where used list is very important to find the relation.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Dibyendu,

    This makes me to love SCN even more….:)…I have been working in SAP Industry since 2012 but I have been learning hell of a lot through SCN..:) 🙂

  3. Kumar Ankit

    Hi Dibyendu,

    I would like to add one point over here…

    You can say that its an extension of Way 1 of your blog, it does not always give a table name but at times it has the table name and helps in skipping the further steps.

    Suppose I am taking a field say MATNR.

    Inline image

    Inline image

    Double Click on the highlighted Domain name

    Inline image

    It will navigate to Domain level

    Inline image

    Here if we click on Value Range we can find the table name in the Value Table

    Inline image

    ** If the Value table is empty then the process which you have mentioned is to be followed.



  4. Former Member

    Hi Patra,

    Very Informative tutorial.

    I have followed the instructions as suggested but unfortunately i got a message “data element  BALTMSG was not found in table fields”.

    In general what I am trying to accomplish is to extract the error log message for transaction ECRMREPL to I can classify errors by the “message text”.

    We have a backlog of 30,000 errors and we want to know the quantity of each error type so we can solve the biggest ones first.

    t_msg field stucture 2.png

    t_msg field stucture.png



  5. Former Member


    i’m searching for data element AUFNR, and, for what i’ve seen, when i have multiple results i should search for the description of the transaction, in this case COOIS.

    In this system in Portugal (adapted for country or in this organization?) the description for CCOIS is “sistema info de ordens de produção”, but when i search for this in the results i can’t find it… what should i do?

    Regards and thanks in advance.


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