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Adding Another Launchpad based chip in HR Renewal

In HR Renewal, standard lanes like Actions or My Services displays the content based on the Launchpad.

Action Lane is offered as a part of HR Professional role or landing page. Action lane displays all actions available for HR Professionals. For more details please see this link in the section HR Renewal 1.0 FP4.

My Services Lane is offered as a part of Employee Self-Service (ESS) role. This lane allows an easy and quick access to the ESS applications. For more details please see this link in the section HR Renewal 1.0 FP4.

Each of these lanes offers certain flexibility to modify or have certain content.

If the requirement is to have the content based on a new Launchpad or to have more Launchpad based lane, then there is a functionality or re-usable chip provided to achieve this requirement.

Note: One suggestion is to use this feature from UI-AddOn SP06.

1. Navigate to the Suite Page Builder Admin Page and search for Actions (using right side search field)


2. Add Launchpad Actions to your Catalog by clicking on Add button


3. Navigate to the catalog (where you added the chip) and add the intended Launchpad in CHIP Configuration


4. Enter new Launchpad in CHIP configuration and save it.


Note: For more information on all steps like how to create catalog, adding it to role and transport it, kindly refer the Suite Page Builder documentation.

Note: In this example, I created a new catalog so I added the catalog in the PFCG role (which is assigned to my user). This is a pre-requisite step for accessing new content (only if CHIP is added in new catalog)


5. Access the landing Page and add the chip to your using personalization.


6. Select the catalog where you added the CHIP and add the chip.


Note: New Launchpad should be created with only one level folder and application of those folders are displayed in Reusable CHIP. So if multi-level or nested folders are created in launchpad then they are not displayed in the reusable CHIP or Lane. For example:


  • In above screenshot under Actions folder Employee Basic Data folder is present and application are added within this folder. This content will be visible in the Lane.
  • If a new folder is created within Employee Basic Data and then added the application within it, then they will not be visible in the Lane.
  • If new launchpad is created (of normal launchpad not the repository launchpad) and applications are added directly under the root folder. This content will not be visible in the Lane
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  • Hi,

    Can someone pls clarify me.

    Can we control lanes based on user role? requirement is I want to create one landing page(Home page ) than control lanes based on user role.


    Gopi Sankuratri.

    • Hi Gopi,

      Yes, we can control the lanes which user can add or available to the user can be controlled via PFCG role.

      In Page Administration application, create catalog(s) which contains the required lanes. i.e. create different catalogs with required lanes.

      Create PFCG role(s), assign the required catalog in the PFCG role(s).

      Assign the role to the user. Based on the role which catalog it contains... lanes are available to the user.



  • Hi Suresh,

    Nice blog. I was following this blog to show data from LPD_CUST role in the Launchpad Action chip. But it is showing a blank chip even for Role: DEMO Instance: SAP_LINKS . Could you please help me in fixing this issue.

    Lauchpad Action.png



    Lauchpad Action.png
    • For administrators, if he/she is able to add the CHIP then on selecting the CHIP in the catalog...user should be able to see the CHIP configuration to edit the parameters. No additional authorization is required.

  • Hello Suresh,

    Could you please let me know from where do we get the standard feature of "Favorires" in the CHIP , say Action Chip .

    This allows to select the star against the link included in the Landing page via lpd_cust and hence gets that added under Favorites  option.

    My requirement is to get rid of this feature. I do not need the option of star and hence no option for user to add the link to Favorites. Rather all the lpd_cust links should be automatically available by default with no Favorites option.



    • Hello Richa,

      Users can set favorites in the expanded CHIP/Lane (say for action chip).

      Currently it is not possible to hide/remove this functionality in the standard.

      Once option is to develop similar chip by coping the BSP for this CHIP and removnig this UI element and adding/registing this CHIP.

      Best regards,


      • Thanks for the prompt response Suresh !

        Could you also help me with the steps on how to find which is the UI5/ BSP Application used for the CHIP. In this case Actions CHIP.

        As I understand , If I can find that standard App ,then I need to import that standard UI5/ BSP Application , and do the required customization ( i.e removing the UI and features for Favorites option ) . Then add the new CHIP for this new custom App.

        Many Thanks,


      • Hi Suresh,

        please help me with the launchpad  error

        In the processes tab --> Effective in next 7 days and no processes available

        hilighted messages are displayed and i am not able to add any chips here.





        • This message will appear in process lane.

          You have already added Process Lane o r CHIP, this message is displayed in the CHIP. Also you are not able to add any additional CHIP?

          Kindly correct me incase above one is the issue you are facing

          Regards, Suresh