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Author's profile photo Lluis Salvador Suarez

Restore solman for VAR SCN Place and Split forum ?


I was reading last interesting topics on SNC topics and I found one really interesting to SAP Solution Manager, I just found a SNC Index that was created by Jason Lax  a time ago, that is a SCN Site Index when I found for Solution Manager place, I see that there is a new one more about solman on status “archived”:

SAP Solution Manager for VAR Partners (Read Only Archive)

That make me to remember an old request from Wences to split Solution Manager forums in different topics:

Now Solution Manager is part of a IT-Management that contains ( # of Followers ) and the next hierarchy of places:

-> IT-Management  ( 109 )

-> Virtualization and Cloud Infras… (124)

-> Virtualization on Windows  (68)

-> Application Lifecycle Manag.. (174)

-> Software logistics ( 128 )

-> SAP Solution Manager ( 908 )

-> SAP Solution Manager for VAR Partners ( 33 )   [ That one is read only ]

My Impressions,

One important thinks of my daily work is related on the setup and maintenance of Solution Manager on VAR scenario to allow SAP customer’s to request SAP service with the help of Solution Manager like support send Support Message to SAP( not notes…  ), access to ewa report for each productive systems and access to Maintenance Optimizer to download software and create XML stacks. Related to VAR scenario there is a special setup to use a Solution Manager as a PCOE ( Partnner Center of Expertise ) and use different tools allowed to Run SAP Partners; for that I access to SCN as a daily routine to see If there is any important new related to Solution Manager. If you read the last discussions on Solution Manager SCN forum you can see that on title or trough tags, you are not able to filter content inside the forum to see only information related to VAR/PCOE/RunSAP topics. You can setup Solution Manager in a different ways to meet different goals.

As my own opinion, an some colleagues/partners, Solution Manager forums need a split, don’t know if it can be done as Wences suggest split it by solution manager functionality or another way but It will help consultants and basis people to find correct content or follow updates only from a single topic.

Final words.

  1. What do you think to split Solution Manager forums ?
  2. Need “SAP Solution Manager for VAR partners” been restored to edit mode ?
  3. What is the best Split Option for Solution Manager Forums ?

My own answers:

  1. It could be really interesting and useful.
  2. Yes, there are a lot of VAR topics that can be collected inside that forum.
  3. The group of solution manager scenarios change on every new solman document that SAP release 😛 , one of my favorites is which one you can see on page 4 of that overview, ITSM, IT Porfolio & Project Management, Monitoring (BPMON & Tech)  and ALM. And you can add a new one group to VAR specific scenario and another for methodologys (runsap, asap, itil, …). That will split Solution Manager forum on 6 places:
    • ITSM,
    • IT Porfolio & Project Management,
    • Monitoring (BPO & Tech),
    • ALM,
    • VAR,
    • Methodology,

I am not able to create a Poll, but maybe some scn moderator can do it.



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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Hi Lluis -

      I don't know anything about SolMan for VAR

      Maybe Jansi Rani Murugesan as a moderator could set up a poll?  Or I wonder if it has to be a space editor?

      Honestly I am confused too about the Application Lifecycle Management space, as it seems SAP posts content there as well.

      Good luck


      Author's profile photo Wence Lacaze
      Wence Lacaze

      Hi Luis,

      Totally agree with you, I think that ALM have enough functionalities to split the forum,

      We are the "real" owners of this forum :-)!!! Is our right!!!!  :-))))

      Author's profile photo Vivek Hegde
      Vivek Hegde

      Totally Agree !

      This place should be split; and I have my own idea;

      1) SAP Solution Manager (existing)

      2) SAP Solution Manager VAR

      3) SAP Solution Manager as Managed Services

      4) SAP Solution Manager on Hana

      I think; splitting the forum based on functionalities would reduce the partcipation and divert the topics. However splitting the forum based on the usage type of solman seems to be good approach for me.

      My $0.02.



      Author's profile photo Luis Felipe Lanz
      Luis Felipe Lanz

      Hi Vivek,

      It would be separating due to "usage type" instead of product capabilities, I would recommend to get more into the product capabilities, which is what our comunity is looking for.

      Maybe I'm wrong, any opinion ?



      Author's profile photo Vivek Hegde
      Vivek Hegde

      Hi Luis,

      That is a good approach, but I believe it comes with added risk of some sub forums based on product capabilities getting abandoned. For example, suppose if we have a forum called 'Business Process Operation '

      then what really counts is how many active contents (like threads, blogs) we have it in there. In some areas(functionality) of solman, we hardly get any active topics. So it tend to be overlooked and orphaned.

      One example I want to share here is the forum 'Application Lifecycle Management', which is a parent of 'SAP Solution Manager'. Ideally this place should have been more active than the 'SAP Solution Manager' forum since it includes 'SAP Solution Manager+entire process of ALM and stuffs'. But we do not see much active participation in here, also sometime the threads,blogs published in this forum go unnoticed for weeks.

      My take here is, users will tend to participate in the forum which is "happening" and diverting the traffic based on product capability will have a risk of lesser and lesser participation and subsequent inactivity.

      My $0.02



      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan

      Hi Luis,

      I can help, but before request for restore the solman for VAR space, I would like to know reason for why the space get archived? without identifying the reason for the blog archive, cant suggest for restore the space, normally even in Service marketplace also, only VAR partners can view the very sensitive VAR related information. It might be NDA as a reason, not sure, I will mail Laure Cetin for details.

      Regarding splitting the space, I guess only space editors can suggest on this,

      For my personal view,  I don't agree with splitting the space based on functionality ( like charm,itsm),  Because Solman it is the Single source of truth, it should be single space to get all the solman related issues(E2E), which should help the people easy to search.

      Even now, SCN member confused to which space to post the question, if we splitted, this leads more confusion for them, double work for moderators too( moving the discussion to correct space) and one more valid reason, splitting the space can't help T shape skill sets. because we can't follow all the subspaces.

      This is my view,  I try for create poll too.

      we have already dedicated space for ALM Application Lifecycle Management, solman space is one of the subspace of ALM.

      Thanks and Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan

      Dear all,

      Have created the poll here Do You Want To Split The SAP Solution Manager Space In SCN?

      Please check.