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Report of Master data’s Texts and Purchasing Document’s Text for Header and Item Level.

Hi all,

We know about purchase document text. This text can be maintain in header level and item level.

Text can be maintain on Info record, Material, PR, PO, SA, Contract etc..

It’s stored into a table STXH and STXL, but its little difficult to find out with compare these two tables.

SAP has another way where we can get a report for these texts with all details.

Let’s discuss details about it.

Suppose we have a lots of material, some material has a text and some material hasn’t.

How can I found the material which has a text and what is the text for those particular materials.

Lets display one material for the tab Purchase Order text.


Here is the text for material master for this particular material.

Now just click on the Editor, You can find the option bottom of the screen in left side. Its look like ScreenShot.jpg

Now the screen will looks like as below screen shot.


Then in application bar, press Goto – Header


Now you can see a pop-up screen will appear. Which will contain some information.


Note the text id for Material.

Standard Text ID for material purchase order text is BEST.

Note that.

Now go to SE38 and give the program name RSTXTC3.


Now press execute.


Here enter the Text ID (which you have got from material master)

Then again press execute.


Here we can get a list of all material which has a purchase order text.

Now press the option Additional information ScreenShot.jpg


After pressing additional information, you can see all information including the purchase order text with respective to material..

Now you can also copy the all information into excel sheet for further process.

If your text contain more than one line item, then you can only see the first line item text in this report. You can see the more line item for this text by clicking the display text option as below:


You can also change the text from here (at the time of this change option, you can see the text for all line items)

Just select the line item and press Change Text ScreenShot.jpg.


The above information for Material master – purchase order text.

We can also get a list for all purchasing document.

Like for Purchase Order/ Contract/ Sch. Agree./RFQ- Header Text:

The selection field will be


Because of header text, we have to select object as EKKO and text ID as same as the way for material master – purchase order text.

You can also select the text as purchase order number+Line item number (Purchase order number will be 10 characters and line item number will be 5 characters)


For Purchase Order/ Contract/ Sch. Agree./RFQ- Item Text:

The selection field will be


For Purchase Requisition – Header Level : Use Object = EBANH and Text ID = B01.

For Purchase Requisition – Item Level : Use Object = EBAN and Text ID = B01.

For Purchase Info Record – Info Record Note : Use Object EINA and Text ID = AT.

For Purchase Info Record – Purchase Order Text : Use Object EINE and Text ID = BT.

For Vendor Master – Accounting note : Use Object LFA1 and Text ID = 0001.

For Vendor Master – Purchasing memo : Use Object LFA1 and Text ID = 0002.

For Sales Order – Header Level : Use Object = VBBK and Text ID = 0001

For Sales Order – Item Level : Use Object = VBBP and Text ID = 0001

For Service Entry Sheet – Long Text : Use Object = ESSR and Text ID = TX01

For Service Entry Sheet – Line Long Text : Use Object = ESLL and Text ID = LTXT

For Service Entry Sheet – Service Long Text : Use Object = ESLL and Text ID = LLTX

In this way we can get a report for all purchasing document’s text and as well as master data’s text.

Thanks and Regards

Dev Patra

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