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Partner determination

SAP MM / Partner Determination

This document explains the settings for partner determination in the vendor master. When you create a business partner, assign data to an account group. An account group decides the business partner. Partner roles refered as partner functions. Various partner roles can be stored in vendor master like Payee , Invoicing party , Goods Supplier and Ordering Address etc.

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OSS Note 459350 – FAQ : Partner determination in purchasing

Info :

Some partner roles are predefined in SAP :

*Vendor (VN) , Ordering address (OA) , Invoicing party (IP) , Different payee (AZ), Contact person (CP), Employee responsible (ER) , Intrastat  declaration (GS )

Intrastat declaration : Intrastat is the system for collecting information and producing statistics on the trade in goods between countries of the European Union (EU)

Helped : INTRASTAT Processing in Purchasing – Materials Management (MM) – SAP Library

Partner determination can be used for price determination, message determination, address determination, statistics. If you define a lot of partner roles, you can select one of them like a default. When someone creates a purchasing document, default value is seen in the list.

To use partner determination , you will need to define a partner schema for purchasing document. When you define schemas, the previously created partner roles are assigned to the schema. If account group is assigned a partner schema, sap checks whether the role you enter in schema or not. You can receive a error message, if sap does not find related role.

1- Define Partner Schemas :

SPRO / Materials Management / Purchasing / Partner Determination / Partner Settings in Purchasing Documents / Define Partner Schemas

Select partner schema 0002 and choose Partner Functions under the Procedure node in the Dialog Structure tree.




      No change indicator : If you want to prevent changes in partner defined in the vendor master record and prevent deleting partner roles, it is set.

      Mandatory indicator : Whether a partner role is mandatory in a vendor master or PO.

      Higher level indicator : If partner role does not been found in plant or sub-range level, sap looks for partner role at purchasing organization level. Hpwever, higher level is used process of automatic creation PO.

     End indicator : If it is set , partner role is defaulted from vendor master when document is saved or checked. It is useful when different data is added in the vendor at the plant/vendor subrange. Whether all items contain same plant or subrange. Invoicing parties are not determinated until end of document process PO so end incator might change it.

2- Define Settings for Vendor Master Records :

Firstly , configure your ‘Vendor Account Group’ for Partner determination procedure.

SPRO / Logistics – General / Business Partner / Vendors / Control / Define Account Groups and Field Selection (Vendor)


     How can i select L1 partner schema for Purchasing organization ?

     Spro/ Mm / Purchasing / Partner determination / Partner Settings in Vendor Master Record

     Firstly , define partner roles.

     Secondly , Assign Partner Schemas to Account Groups .


3- Message Determination :

– Determine partner schema for account group.

– Ordering address partner role (OA) must be maintained. The role is allowed for account group.

– Check whether partner schema is used to determine partner roles for purchasing document type.

Output a message to  this partner , you need to create a message condition record in purchasing master data. MN04 will help you.

Firstly, decide output type , after that specify dependent information for message determination.

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You can enter alternative freight vendor for planned delivery costs when you post a good receipt.

M8 / 776 (IP must have allowed in partner role) and 777 (IP has partner role in Purchase Order) system messagescheck partner roles as soon as invoice verification. They can be configurated as a warning or error.

Configuration steps:

Access Sequences

SPRO > Material Management> Purchasing > Message > Output Control>Access Sequences>Define Condition Table for Purchase Order

Message Type

SPRO-> Material Management> Purchasing > Message > Output Control>Message Types>Define Message Type for Purchase Order

Message Determination Schemas

1. Message Determination Schemas

SPRO> Material Management> Purchasing > Message > Output Control > Message Schema >Define Message Schema for Purchase Order > Maintain Message Determination Schema

2. Assign Schema to Purchase Order

SPRO-> Material Management> Purchasing > Message > Output Control >Message Schema >Define Message Schema for Purchase Order> Assign Schema to Purchase Order

Partner Roles per Message Type

SPRO > Material Management> Purchasing > Message > Output Control > Partner Roles per Message Type >Define Partner Role for Purchase Order

**Condition Record

SAP Easy Access Menu > Logistics > Material Management > Purchasing > Master data >Messages > Purchase Order> MN04-> Create

Now you create PO (ME21N) and save it.

4- Allowed partner roles

You can do with Account group : Field reference , Permitted partner roles

After that specify partner role VN is allowed for account group ZVMU.

SPRO / Materials Management / Purchasing / Partner Determination / Partner Roles / Define Permissible Partner Roles per Account Group


Spro / MM / Partner Determination / Partner Settings in Purchasing Documents / Assign Partner Schemas to Document Types

*** Also , you can assign to UB document type for STO.


5- Vendor settings and an example for price determination

For instance , i used a vendor master ‘T-K55001’ also i maintained Partner Function datas in master data.

DP : Default partner


I set a discount for Invoicing party. MEKJ tcode will help us.


If a partner role is found at the end, the system does not update the prices.

I created a PO to Vendor , but discount is implementable for Invoicing Party.


     Thanks to Mr.Jurgen for his valuable feedback.


     M.Ozgur Unal

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