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SAP EP 7.3 Customization of Overview Page: Creating roles as links instead of tabs in TLN

Customization of Overview page through Workset Map Iview configuration


All content of assigned roles should be displayed as links in an overview page instead of tabs in the Top Level Navigation

The Above Requirement can be done through the workset map iview configuration

What you have to do, in order to display a Workset Map, is to create a Workset Map iView and to integrate it in your workset



  Create a Folder of your own for custom content to be created

  1. Create a Role (Give the Entry Point)
  2. Under that Create a workset
  3. Add a Page under the workset
  4. Create a Workset Map iview  .As stated above, just insert the newly created Workset Map iView in a new Page (let’s name it “Overview”) and this Page just below

the “Home” workset. You can give it a very low “Sort Priority” in order to be the first entry in the TLN.

The Structure will look like as follows:

1. Role(Home_Role)

   1.1 Workset(Overview_ERP Portal)

   1.2 Page (Overview)

   1.3 Workset Map Iview(WM_WMiview)

Procedure to Create a Workset Map Iview:

It is based on an iView, and serves as a central point of entry and guided access to the contents of a workset.

1.In the Portal Catalog, right-click on your folder and choose New ® iView

2.In the iView Wizard Template Selection screen, select Workset Map iView. Enter Name, Id, and  Prefix


3.In the iView’s Property Editor,

     3.1set the Relative Workset Location property to define the location of the workset relative to the      workset map iView.

  There are two possible attributes to which you may need to assign a value:


       pathlist=ID1; ID2; and so on

The value levelsup=1 means that the workset is one level up from the iView, or the parent of the workset map

If a workset map iView overviews a workset that is not its parent, and is several nodes away, you need to give the complete path from the workset to the workset map iView by listing the ID of each node in the path

Here I have Given levelsup=1


3.2 In the Navigation property category, set the Pictogram is Clickable property.


3.3   Through the property Workset Map Pictogram: From the list, select the name of an image to represent the workset entry.


3.4.Add the workset map iView to the workset it is meant to Overview_ XXPortal

3.5.Now Add the custom content that is iviews , pages, worksets to the main workset (Overview_XXPortal) that will be added to the Overview page and displayed as links in the page.

3.6. Finally Add this Role to the User.

Example: Here I need to add super admin content  that is Content administration,User administration and System administration content as links in the overview page.

1. Go to portal content → Content provided by SAP → Admin Content → Worksets → Conent Administration .


Copy the workset ,paste it your folder and change the ID of the object.(ContentAdministration_ERP)


2. Open the main workset(Overview_XXPortal), right click on the workset which was just created(ContentAdministration_ERP) → Add workset to the workset through delta link and this will appears as a link in the Overview page (Give the entry point to the workset)


3. Repeat the step 2 for the User Administration and System Administration links to be displayed in the the overview page


  4. Select the Appropriate picture for the link through the workset property


5. Add custom iviews .


         select the content and provide the required permissions to the user

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      Author's profile photo Andy Silvey
      Andy Silvey

      Hi Parameshwari,

      this is a nice blog.

      When I read the first paragraphs, I thought the goal and final result was to be to get rid of the pictures altogether, because as we all know, they take up a huge amount of space and that space can be better utilised.

      I was surprised you didn't get rid of the picture altogether, and reduce the height of the TLN and therefore enable a larger area for the Page.

      This is a requirement I have come across on different projects.

      Kind regards,


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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Andy.

      Author's profile photo vamshi krishna kvk
      vamshi krishna kvk

      Hi Parameshwari,

      This blog very useful to me, thank you.