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SAP BPC 10.1 ‘unified’ live demo: Chapter 03 – BPC model

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A new BPC model is created that refers to an existing EDW realtime cube.


LOB expert

User interface

BPC admin UI (HTML5)

In the administration section of the ‘unified’ environment we created earlier, we see the different modelling aspects available (00:04). The UI is the same as for the ‘classic’ model, but the feature set is limited. This is only because it is the first release of the ‘unified’ model. It will grow over time.

We enter the model section and open up the model creation wizzard (00:13). After adding ID and description, we enter the selection screen for BW info providers (00:31). This is a major difference to the BPC ‘classic’ model, which is created from scratch, inluding the dimension definition. In the ‘unified’ model we only need to select the existing info cube, in this case ‘TE13_PL’ (00:45), which we have seen in chapter01. Once the model was successfully created we can review its meta data. In the overview (00:58) we see that this cube is auditable. In addition we see the provider structure, e.g. including the ‘dimension 1’ with its characteristics ‘country’ (01:10) and the generated auditing dimension. Finally we can review the aggregation levels for this provider and their projected dimension structure as well as the multiproviders comprising our provider. Those are relevant to understand the context of our infoprovider to create meaningful applications basesd on BW queries later on.

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  • Hi Uwe,

    When we create a model in the "unified" environment, do we get the list of all infoproviders to select from? or only the  Transactional cubes - with "auditing" setting done?



    • Hi Apeksha,

      you'll get all planable basis providers (transactional cubes, DSOs, ...).

      The 'auditing' setting is no pre-requisite.

      Best regards,


  • Hi Uwe,

    my realtime cube from BW does not appear in that model creation / mapping step.

    Unfortunately online help does not provide any further information, but my cube is really, really simple. 5 charactersistics and 1 key figure (amount). That should work, or?

    Any advice? Clemens

  • Hi Uwe,

    We are working on unified model. In EPM Excel client (SP17), we cant see the "Disaggregation" drop down, infact the entire "Planning" drop down is not seen in the EPM Ribbon. Is there any specific setting for this?

    For now we could only use the BEx - Disaggregation feature.

    Also, what is the difference between Query level disaggregation and this feature available in EPM ribbon?