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Automated Note Search Tool (ANST) – Quick and easy how to

Yesterday we had an issue on an SAP implementation. I was sure that it was a standard error, because in other implementation the functionality works perfectly.

On Twitter Nicolas Busson reminded me that ANST can save your life quickly and easily


This video is the live implementation of the OSS Note using ANST.

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  • Yes I have been got my client to upgrade SCM system to BASIS SP level to get ANST.

    Helped me and my client architect for our SAP APO issues including recently using it for doing a trace (without BASIS support) and nailing down BADI implementation getting called in a functional transaction.

    I had mentioned ANST as a hidden gem discovered in 2013 in my 2013 Wrapup blog along with ABAP Debugger Scripting (getting my ABAPer to use it 😀 )

    Best regards,


  • Yes, this is wonderful tool and will save time and cost for client and helps in quick resolutions for many critical issues. Thanks

    Best Regards


  • Hello all,

    I was implimenting ANST tool by Upgrading my basis component. But i could not find its installation guide and master installation guide. Can anyone provide me the link or guides.

    Thanks and Regards