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Application for attaching files with save, retrieve & delete functionality in Webdynpro ABAP


I would like to explain the functionality of how to save,retrieve & delete files during attachments in Webdynpro ABAP application. It stores attached files in custom data base table.


Basic knowledge of Webdynpro ABAP,& OO ABAP

Step by step Process

The process is divided as below

  • Create a custom table YTR_ATTACH_FILES to store files
  • Create a WDA component with save, retrieve & delete function

In this document, just for demo purpose the business logic of saving & retrieving data from data base table has written in WDA component.

Strictly the business logic should be separated from WDA component by using a model i.e. class, function module, etc.

(Refer MVC architecture in Architecture of Webdynpro for ABAP)

Create a transparent table YTR_ATTACH_FILES

Step 1.

Go to transaction code SE11 and enter database table name YTR_ATTACH_FILES as below


Step 2:

Set the delivery & maintenance settings as below


Step 3:

Go to technical settings and maintain the entries as below 


Step 4:

Create the fields in table as below


Create a Webdynpro ABAP component


  Go to transaction code SE80 and create the Webdynpro ABAP component as below with a view V_MAIN as below


Step 2:

Go to the view context of view V_MAIN and create a node INPUT by using table name YTR_ATTACH_FILES as below



Create a node ATTACHMENT_LIST by using table name YTR_ATTACH_FILES as below


Step 4:

Create the layout by using context nodes INPUT & OUTPUT as below


Choose the editors for table columns as suggested below


Step 5:

Create a ui element FILE_UPLOAD and bind the properties as shown below


Step 6:

  Create a button BTN_ATTACH and attach an action ATTACH as below


Add the below code into event handler method ONACTIONATTACH   (to attach a file into table)


METHOD onactionattach .
  DATA lo_nd_input            TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
  DATA lo_el_input            TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_element.
  DATA ls_input               TYPE wd_this->element_input.
  DATA lo_nd_attachment_list  TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
  DATA lt_attachment_list     TYPE wd_this->elements_attachment_list.
  DATA ls_attachment_list     LIKE LINE OF lt_attachment_list.
  DATA lv_temp                TYPE string.

  ” Read the details of file chosen for attachment
  lo_nd_input =
  wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_input ).

* get element via lead selection
  lo_el_input = lo_nd_input->get_element( ).

* get all declared attributes
      static_attributes = ls_input ).

  ” return if nothing to do
  IF ls_input-file_data is INITIAL.
    ” Notify the user, please choose a file

  ” Read the attachment list
* navigate from <CONTEXT> to <ATTACHMENT_LIST> via lead selection
  lo_nd_attachment_list =
    wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_attachment_list ).

  IMPORTING table = lt_attachment_list ).

  ” Prepare data to save
  CLEAR ls_attachment_list.
  ls_attachment_list-mandt = sy-mandt.
  ls_attachment_list-uname = sy-uname.
  ” Generate Unique identifier
    ls_attachment_list-guid = cl_system_uuid=>create_uuid_c22_static( ).
    CATCH cx_uuid_error.  ” Error Class for UUID Processing Errors.

  ls_attachment_list-file_data = ls_input-file_data.

  ” get file name from path
  WHILE ls_input-file_name CA ‘\’.
    SPLIT ls_input-file_name AT ‘\’
    INTO lv_temp ls_input-file_name.
  ls_attachment_list-file_name = ls_input-file_name.

  ls_attachment_list-file_type = ls_input-file_type.
  ls_attachment_list-erdat = sy-datum.
  ls_attachment_list-erzet = sy-timlo.
  ls_attachment_list-status = abap_false.”attachment is new

  APPEND ls_attachment_list TO lt_attachment_list.

  ” Bind data to context
      new_items            =    lt_attachment_list




Attach files with save, retrieve and delete functionality in Web Dynpro ABAP – Part 2

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  1. Vimal Sharma

    When we are binding property “Data” to FILE_DATA of Input node on Upload UI. We get error that “Property Data is not type Compatible with context element FILE_DATA”. The data type in table for this is RAWSTRING.Is that is the reason ?

        1. Ramakrishnappa Gangappa Post author

          Oh, there is an issue.

          It works fine in NW 7.31. I think you are not meeting this system requirement.

          Please change data type of your FILE_DATA to XSTRING in context node( don’t use table field reference ).

          While saving data pass this data to your table field of type RAWSTRING.

          Hope this resolves your issue.



          1. Former Member

            Hi Ramakrishna,

               Thanks for the Post,It helped me to solve one of my major requirement.

                        If I want to view the file again in the same format(means preview) how can i achieve this?

            1. Ramakrishnappa Gangappa Post author

              Hi Rohith,

              Good to hear that this document helped you.

              In the table there is file download ui element ( i.e. file name as hyper link ) click on that, so that you would be able to open it its original format.



              1. Former Member

                Hi Ramakrishna,

                   Thanks for your replies so far.the issue had resolved.

                       I had a requirement to call a Custom Report in Webdynpro and show the output in Webdynpro by passing some values as input to the report(eg: vendor).

                        Can u please help me on this.


  2. Former Member


    Hello Ramakrishna,

    Can you please advise what is the type of element you used for TC_INPUT. I am trying with LayoutContainer and it is giving different ICON and also tried with other types which could not help me.

    Thanking you in Anticipation


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