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#SCNis10: My 10 Year Anniversary

Today, January 9, I celebrate my 10 year anniversary with SCN!

I still clearly remember sitting in the EVZ building at the SAP HQ in Walldorf registering for the SAP Developer Network (SDN). It was a gray and rainy day. I was working as an SAP intern while studying at the Mannheim University. I had been a member of the other SDN (Sun Developer Network) for some years and was excited to start a social knowledge networking journey with SAP. A previous blog post of mine, SCN Coopetition, describes my SCN story. I wrote it in 2009 and it still holds true, but I would like to enhance it with a phrase from my Übergeek blog post: I remain active on SCN because it is a way of living rather than a way of making a living.

How do I feel about my 10 year anniversary? Old. Back in the days Thomas Jung was blogging about Creating a BSP Extension for Downloading a Table (my favorite blog post then) and Horst Keller about Did ABAP Objects Fail as a Whole? In that year, Horst Keller and Gerd Kluger also wrote a great article in the SAP Professional Journal called: Not Yet Using ABAP Objects: Eight Reasons Why Every ABAP Developer Should Give It a Second Look. Funny how some things just never change. ABAP Objects is still being discussed intensely on SCN. 

Like any relationship, SCN and I have had our ups and downs (management of the SCN upgrade), but overall it has been fantastic. Here is a slightly modified Simone Signoret quote about the secret of enduring relationships. SCN – perhaps this is why we stick together:

“Chains do not hold us together. It is threads (and blogs), hundreds of tiny threads (and blogs), which sew us together through the years”

Thank you SCN!

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