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HANA_ADMIN.tgz import fails during SPS07 installation.

During the installation/upgrade of HANA 1.0 SPS07, the installation process fails at the import of HANA_ADMIN.tgz.

HANA_ADMIN.tgz import fails due to the non-existence of statistics table in HANA DB. As the table are missing the import can not be carried out successfully.

In order to resolve this issue please perform the below :-

After the  failure of HANA_ADMIN.tgz connect to the HANA DB using HANA STUDIO.

HANA DB will be up and running as the HANA DB SERVER was installed.

Only the Delivery Units were not import due to which the error was reported.

By default the STATISTICS server is no longer part of the HANA SPS07 due to which the statistics tables required for import of the HANA_ADMIN Delivery unit are not available and the import fails.

The statistics server has to be manually activated.

This can be done by going to Configuration Tab –> nameserver.ini –> statisticsserver  and changing parameter “active: from ” false” to “true”

Once this is Statistics server is activated , we can successfully import the delivery units.

The above to help us in resolving the issue related to failure in importing the Delivery Units during installation or upgrade of HANA to SPS07.



Shaik Arshad

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  • Dear Shaik,

    I got an error message like above then I have changed the value of statisticsserver to 'true' as you said however installations screen is end when I push the 'OK' button on popped up error screen. Also there is no other choice is available.

    Because of this, I have tried to start installation again with upgrade option but this time installation gave an error as " the initial installation of SAP HANA Database SID is pending" .

    Please tell me how I can go on the installation.

    Best regards,


    • Supplemental to Marc-Philip's answer, please take into account, that e.g. DBACockpit relies on certain versions of the statistics server. Before you start the migration as described by Marc-Philip, please check the documentation thoroughly.

      Kind regards  Thomas

  • Hi,

    in what revision are you observing the import of HANA_ADMIN.tgz? This is a know bug that should have not reached customers.

    Concerning the StatisticsServer is seems you got something wrong:

    • The StatisticsServer is delivered with HANA 1.0 SPS07 in the well know configuration, and it is active (the system contains a service "hdbstatisticsserver").
    • With HANA 1.0 SPS07, we deliver the possibility to migrate to an "Embedded Statistics Service". But this is inactive by default! With the ini-file modification, that you describe, you trigger the migration. After that, KPI collection and alerting is performed without the separate hdbstatisticsserver service, which is disabled automatically.



  • Dear Marc and Thomas,

    StatisticsServer was not migrated or upgraded, I have not imported HANA_ADMIN.tgz individually. The problem occurred during fresh installation for HANA 1.0 SPS07.

    StatisticsServer version should be default version of SPS07

    Anyway to pass the error first I have installed the SPS06 then upgrade it to SPS07 without any problem.

    Best regards,


  • I am getting same error on new install of hana1.0  sps07

      Installing package 'Delivery Units' ...

      Installing package 'DAT Languages' ...

      Installing package 'DAT Configfiles' ...

      Creating System...

      Starting SAP HANA Database system...

      Importing delivery units...

      Importing delivery unit HANA_ADMIN

      Executing SAP HANA instance failed!

        Installation failed

          Installation of SAP HANA Database failed

            Installation failed

              error installing

                Cannot create Instance

                  Import of delivery units failed

                    Cannot import delivery unit /hana/shared/SB1/global/hdb/auto_con


    Log file written to '/var/tmp/hdb_SB1_hdblcm_install_2014-03-17_09.48.18/hdblcm.


    how do I get around this