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ECC Data sources Transportation

Hi All,

How to do ECC data source Transportation and how to collect the request in ECC development system.

While enhancement completed the existing data source then how to collect CMOD, Include program (ZSRSAU01), extract structure and data source.

SAP ECC DEV system

  1. Enter the Tcode- CMOD

Select the Project – ZXXX

Select components -> display

Below screen will appear, these are all function exits

Double click on function exits

EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 – Transaction data




Under CMOD select go to menu -> object directory entry

Now it will ask TR and continue

Now CMOD collected and go to back -> below screen will appear

Then again go to menu ->select object directory entry

Now include program collected – ZXRSAU01

Select the function exit and project activate.

Now CMOD collection completed

Data source:-

How to collect the DS

Enter the Tcode- RSA6 -> select the data source-> Double click on the data source -> again double click on the Extract structure

Below screen will appear

Select go to menu-> object directory entry

Now system will ask TR and collect under same TR

Now extract structure (Table) collected then come back to the screen.

It is a data source screen -> select data source menu-> object directory

Now it will collect under same request.

Now CMOD, Include program, Extract structure and Data source collected under same request.

Now enter the Tcode- SE09 -> release the TR

Before the release the TR please check the complete check- it will check TR consistence

Now select the Task and request click on the Release directly

Now TR released and please check the Tick symbol means TR is released.

Then import the TR form DEV to Respective systems now using of STMS Tcode

Log in to BI Development system

Enter the Tcode- RSDS -> select the respective data source -> select data source menu -> select replicate data source

Now replication completed form ECC DEV to BI DEV

Then activate the data source – Ex- 0CONSUMER TEXT – Consumer

After activating the data sources check the fields tab all fields getting form SAP ECC DEV system

Then data source ready to map target thorough transformation.

please refer the below documents about Transportation

How to manage Error Free Transports

BW Requests how to Transport and Import

Role Transportation in SAP BI 7.3

Hope it will helps



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