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Different content for users in Action Lane in HR Renewal

In HR Renewal, Action Lane is offered as a part of HR Professional role or landing page. Action lane displays all actions available for HR Professionals. For more details please see this link in the section HR Renewal 1.0 SP14.

Content for the Action Lane comes from launchpad configured in the HRPAO_ACTIONS_LPD Personalization object Key in the PFCG role assigned for the user. If no launchpad name is in the  HRPAO_ACTIONS_LPD Personalization object Key then standard SAP delivered launchpad’s (Role: HRPAO instance: ACTIONS) content is displayed in the action lane.

If different users (based on customizing or other settings) should have different content in Action Lane, this can be achieved in two ways:

1. Using PFCG Roles :

If the requirement is to have different content in Action Lane for certain users.

     a. Create different Launchpad’s with required content

     b. Create different PFCG roles based on the scenario

     c. Assign the Launchpad to PFCG role

     d. Assign the PFCG role to the user

For example:

If Employee 1 should have Actions ACT1 and ACT2, and Employee 2 should have Actions ACT3 and ACT4, then:

     a. Create LPD_ROLE1 INSTANCE1 launchpad with 2 Actions ACT1 and ACT2.

         Create LPD_ROLE2 INSTANCE2 launchpad with 2 Actions ACT3 and ACT4.

     b. Create 2 PFCG Roles, like ROLE1 and ROLE2

     c. For ROLE1 PFCG role assign the LPD_ROLE1 INSTANCE1 launchpad in HRPAO_ACTIONS_LPD Personalization object Key.

         For ROLE2 PFCG role assign the LPD_ROLE2 INSTANCE2 launchpad in HRPAO_ACTIONS_LPD Personalization object Key.

     d. Assign PFCG role ROLE1 to Employee1

         Assign PFCG role ROLE2 to Employee2

By this approach when Employee1 access the Actions Lane then he can see only ACT1 and ACT2 actions, where as Employee2 can see only ACT3 and ACT4 actions.

For more information on how to create custom launchpad and assign to role, refer blog Creating and associating custom launchpad to Action Lane for HR Professional

2. Using Launchpad feeder class:

In View /UI2/LPD_FEEDERV, launchpad can be associated with a feeder class. In this class, you can write a logic to dynamically modify the content based on Customizing settings or some other conditions.

For example, in this view, if i have entered my launchpad (which is associated in my PFCG role) with feeder class CL_HRPAO_ACTIONS_LPD_FEEDER.


Note: this feeder should have implemented interfaces:



In this feeder class IF_FPM_GUIBB_LAUNCHPAD~MODIFY method can be implemented to dynamically modify the content.


Using this approach we can dynamically modify the content which appear in the Actions Lane.


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