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Procurement Of Imported Materials Using Scheduling Agreement In CIN

MM: Procurement Of Imported Materials Using Scheduling Agreement In Cin

Scope of the document: In normal scenario all the imported materials are purchased through Purchase order. The reason is in case of import purchase using Indian taxing procedure after creating purchase order we create custom invoice then with reference to that we post goods receipt. This is not supported by purchase through scheduling agreements. The reason is both purchase docs are i.e. scheduling agreement time is dependent and Purchase order is time independent. Hence we created new scheduling agreement doc type as time independent similar purchase order doc type to support the import purchase process similar to purchase through purchase orders.

Step by Step process:

Import Purchase scenario.

In case of import purchase after creating purchasing documents like purchase order or Scheduling agreement, we pay custom duty through MIRO transaction as planned delivery costs.

Refer to attached screenshot where custom duty is paid through MIRO in case of purchase orders

Purchase order No: 40032884


Within the purchase order custom duty, Freight clearing agent & local Freight agent information are maintained as below.

Custom duty



Freight clearing agent


Then we post custom duty through MIRO


In the next screen you will get the pop up to select to which vendor you want to make payment. In our case we select we have created custom duty as vendor which will be selected for making payment to customs.


Then we maintain the custom duty to be paid to the customs.


Then post this document.



After posting this document, this document number (custom invoice) is taken while posting

Goods receipts in order add custom duty paid to material master price.


Goods receipt doc 5000114761


Finally post vendor invoice through MIRO for the purchased materials.


Invoice document Posted.


Similarly If we purchase imported materials through Scheduling agreement


In similar fashion we maintain custom duty, Freight clearing agent & Local Freight agent details


Custom duty


Freight clearing agent


Now with reference to this agreement 50000500 will post custom duty through MIRO transaction


Which gives error message as No delivery cost exist for the purchase order 50000500 even though we have the option of entering purchase order or Scheduling agreement in the selection screen.

Hence we created new scheduling agreement type ZADM in system as time independent condition.

Conditions in the purchase order are time independent whereas in the scheduling agreement conditions are time dependent.


This allows us to post custom duty through MIRO as planned delivery cost.

Scheduling agreement 50000058 created in system.


Then custom duty paid to customs through MIRO.

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