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Scenario Definition for Leave Request Approval :-

Scenario definition to be performed on the Netweaver Gateway server.

  1. Go to Transaction Code SPRO’.

  Click on SAP Reference IMG to open the structure.


  1. Click on SAP Netweaver to further navigate.


  1. Click on Gateway Service Enablement.


  1. Click on Content.


  1. Click on Task Gateway Service.


  1. Click on Scenario Definition..


  1. Click on New Entries to create scenario definition.


Approve Leave Request

Scenario Identifier


Technical Service Name


EntitySet External Name


Property External Name


Class for Scenario Count


Quick Act.

Select the Quick Act checkbox to enable quick approval of workflow items (iPad only).

  1. Save the Entries and select the row containing your approval scenario.
  2. In Dialog Structure, choose Assign Role to Consumer Type and Scenario.


  1. Choose new entries, either Desktop, Tablet or Mobile from F4 search help.

Save the entries.

  1. Select Desktop, In Dialog Structure : choose Assign Role to Consumer Type and Scenario.


  1. Click New Entries. Choose the appropriate Role with the F4 help i.e. for leave request approval is ‘SAP_HCM003_HCM_LVRQ_APR’.
  2. Select the Role, choose Task Definition for Scenario. Untitled9.png
  3. Select New Entries, define task type and SAP system alias.      
  4. Give Task ID which has been used to trigger the Workflow for Leave Request Approval and give System Alias maintained for example DEV_BWF.


  1. Save the Entries.
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  1. Masayuki Sekihara


    This is setting for apps which were release in 2013. Updated apps in 2014 do not use scenario definition setting. Only Fiori Approve Requests app uses this setting.

    1. Former Member

      Hi Masa,

      How do we take care of custom task IDs for Approve Leave request application ?

      currently customer has defined custom task IDs which is not allowing to approve/reject leaves through the FIORI app, though the same works through PTARQ.

      Like you mention updated apps do not have the option maintain scenario definition.

      Best Regards,


    2. Vanessa Martinez

      Hi Masayuki Sekihara

      thanks a lot for the clarification. Was following the tutorial and wondered why I couldn’t find the right elements in the tree.

      What is the correct way to use workflows (simple line manager approval) for the new Leave Request Fiori app?

      Kind regards, Vanessa


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