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I would like to share my knowledge on condition generation in Trade Promotion Management in SAP CRM. Trade Promotions are discounts that are given to retailers, distributors by CPG companies for merchandising support.

Trade Promotions are run to increase the sales, launch a new product, and penetrate new markets. In order to increase the revenue, manufactures rely on providing discounts on products by which they tend to increase their sales as such their revenues. When the customer places order based on these promotions the discounts provided for the customer needs to be picked in the sales orders created. 


In CPG industries normally the back end system is SAP ECC. As such the master data like Customer, Product, and Pricing etc. gets downloaded from ECC to CRM. Since trade promotions are created in CRM, some important customization settings are required to use the condition type from ECC to create discount condition records for those condition types in SAP CRM. For this, the condition maintenance of those condition types needs to be moved from the ECC system to CRM system.

Conditions Generated In TPM

Four different usage based conditions can be generated in SAP CRM on releasing the trade promotion. These are

  1. Campaign Determination (CD)
  2. Rebates(BO)
  3. Pricing (PR)
  4. Free Goods (FG).

The conditions generated can be viewed under the Discounts tab of trade promotion.


Campaign determination conditions are generated for determining these promotions in the sales orders that will be created for the particular customer. Based on the CD conditions, a promotional discount is consumed in the sales order for the particular customer. In order for a promotional discount to be determined in a Sales order, the sales order needs to be created within the promotional dates for the customer/product combination used in the promotion creation.

Moving Condition Maintenance to SAP CRM

In normal scenarios we do not create conditions for condition type that are downloaded from ECC in CRM (System will not allow the conditions to be created). Condition records for all condition types & tables created in R/3 are maintained in R/3 itself. But in TPM scenario, we need to generate the conditions for the above condition types in CRM while releasing a Promotion. As such we need to move the maintenance of the condition types & tables to SAP CRM.

  1. This customization setting is done in SAP ECC under, SPRO®Integration with Other SAP Components ® Customer Relationship Management ® Basic Functions ® Data Exchange Conditions in Customizing for SAP R/3.  Or directly maintain in table MNTCNT.





Logical system





CH2CLNT600 (e.g.)





CH2CLNT600 (e.g.)

Once these condition types & Condition tables are maintained in this table, they are downloaded using adaptor object DNL_CUST_CNDALL.

Conditions cannot be generated in ECC for these condition types even if they were defined in SAP ECC as their maintenance has been moved to SAP CRM.


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