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Channel Specific Timeout Configuration (Synchronous Interfaces)

From PI 7.3 AEX, we have option available to set Channel specific timeout.

By default this value is taken from NWA->Java System Properties section. This value sets a time limit for a message to wait in the PI messaging system queue i.e the time that a message can live in queue before Target System completes and return a reply. After this time limit is reached, the message expires and the MessageExpiredException is thrown.

This is applicable for Synchronous communication scenarios only and timeout value set in the channel takes precedence over system default value.


  • Need not change global timeout parameter; instead value can be set for particular channel.
  • Available for sender adapters for File/FTP, JDBC, RFC, SOAP, XI, HTTP (AAE), IDoc (AAE)

This will change value of parameter syncTimeout inside Message header.

Set Timeout Value:

This value will be set in Sender Channel(in milliseconds) with either of these 2 ways:

1)            Set timeout value in Sender Channel –> Advanced tab


2)      Set value of module parameter syncTimeout for CallSapAdapter Module key


In case of RFC adapter syncTimeout parameter is to be set for RFCAFBean Module.

Note: If timeout is set using both ways , Module parameter value will be used at runtime.

Inside PI Message Monitoring:

This is where actual timeout parameter is seen inside synchronous message:


Once this timeout is exceeded MessageExpiredException is thrown and message goes into FAIL.



Setting a Channel-Specific Timeout

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