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Video How-To: Add extension fields to the standard screens and configure a dynamic UI

In this short tutorial I will show and explain how you can add extension fields to standard business objects, the screens and how to configure a dynamic UI.

This tutorial shows how to add 2 fields to the employee and how to display one of them only when a certain condintion is fulfilled. I will use my standard example “Bonus Plan” from my previous videos.

In part 2 and 3 I will show how to use those extended fields in ABSL coding. This will show you how to add your custom logic using those fields in the standard business object “Employee” as well as in your custom application “Bonus Plan”.

Video Recommendation: Watch it in 720p.

Btw: Here you find the complete playlist of my SAP Cloud Applications Studio Tutorials.

Part 1:

– Add 2 fields to the Employee business object

– Add those fields to the screen

– Configure the dynamic UI (UI switch)

Part 2:

– Use the extension fields of the Employee in our Bonus Plan application

– Alter the bonus calculation based on the additional attributes

Part 3:

– Add custom business logic to the Emloyee Business Object

– Show a custom message on the standard Employee screen based on the custom logic

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      Author's profile photo Jens Limbach
      Jens Limbach
      Blog Post Author

      Update: Added part 2 and part 3. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Jens,

      This is a good tutorial on Enhancing Standard BOs to add new fields. I have one question related to extending standard fields, after enhancing the Standard BO with new fields using Cloud Studio, will the corresponding Web Services also be enhanced automatically or should we perform the Web Service extension manually.

      I enhanced the Lead BO in CRM to add some custom fields, and added them to the screen as well. But the Web Service associated with Lead Replication to External System is not enhanced. I couldn't find any guide to enhance standard Web Services to include custom fields added to the BO.

      Is there a way I can enhance the standard service, or should I create a new Web Service from the Extended BO ?

      My use case, is C4C implementation with PI and CRM.

      Thanks in advance.



      Author's profile photo Jens Limbach
      Jens Limbach
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Srikanth,

      you need to add an "Extension Scenario" to your field definition. In the extension scenario you can select all web service where your attributes should be added.

      You can also use it to extend your fields to other Business Objects and their services.

      Please refer to the following section of the documentaiton:

      28-04-2014 08-31-06.png

      Author's profile photo Nisha Chandrasekaran
      Nisha Chandrasekaran

      Hi Srikantha,

      How did you finally fulfill this requirement?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Jens.

      We need to extend  the screen "Trip Request" from Cloud For Travel & Expense and my question is. How I can get a Technical name of the screen?


      Author's profile photo Abimanyu G
      Abimanyu G

      Hey Jens,


      Its showing that "video is unavailable". If you have any other links please provide over here.



      Author's profile photo Rohit Singh
      Rohit Singh

      Hi Jens Limbach ,

      I am unable to view the videos, as it suggest that the videos are private. Could you please share them again?