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New Predictive Analysis – Where to Output Results

At first after running this forecast at How to Forecast Store Traffic with Predictive Analysis I was wondering how to visualize the results.  At first I thought I had to output the results to a .CSV file and then visualize in SAP BusinessObjects Lumira ?

I started down this path:


Under Database Writes and selected CSV Writer


I put the file path in

Then you have to “Run” the Analysis


Then I could open it in Lumira as a datasource (or Predictive).

However, you can select “Visualize” instead.


I can select Triple Exponential Smoothing.

I needed to create a measure for the predicted values, just using a right-click.


Then I can use the normal visualizations (Lumira):


Or visualize the predictions in a line chart and hover over to see the values:


I haven’t read the help yet, thus showing this is easy to use.

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