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In process inspection in Production at regular intervals


During production, it may be necessary to carry out a several individual inspections at different intervals. Inspections carried during a production operation at regular intervals like below….

  • Time-based intervals (for example, for every hour )
  • Quantity-based intervals (for example, after producing certain qty like 25 Pieces )
  • Freely-defined intervals (for example, each time a tool change occurs)

The above scenario can be mapped in the SAP system using functionality called In process inspection in Production with inspection points..this is basically integration between PP & QM modules…

Process Flow:

  1. Activation of Inspection Type 03 in the material master of the Material (mm02)
  2. Settings in the Routing Header  – CA02
  3. Assigning the MIC’s in the operation for which inspection to be done in Routing – CA02
  4. Settings in the Operation Details – CA02
  5. Creation of Production Order – CO01
  6. Release of Production Order and automatic Inspection Lot Creation -CO02
  7. Results Recording of the inspection points for the Inspection Lot –
  8. Usage Decision of the inspection Lot

Detailed flow with screen shots…

Activation of Inspection Type 03 in quality management view in the material master of the Material –  (mm02)

In the routing header for the material make the following settings as shown below – CA02

assign the inspection points 150 as shown below…

in the particular operation make the settings as shown below for carrying out inspection after production of every 50 units as shown below…..

Now create the production order for the material – CO01

Save the order

Now release the Production order and check for the creation of inspection lot in the Assignment tab as shown below..

Now save the Production Order

Go to Transaction QE51N and enter the inspection lot

Now execute… You will be able to see four inspection points on the left side for the same inspection lot.

Production order qty is 200 and qty interval is 50 so 200/50=4. four inspection points generated…

Now you will be able to do results recording for for four different inspection points of the same inspection lot.

Carry out results recording for every inspection point after production of 50 units…as shown below…..

Now carry out usage decision for the inspection lot and there will not be any stock posting as inspection type 03 is not stock relevant…

If you want carry out inspection at time based intervals like after every 30 min make the settings in the operation details as shown below in addition to the remaining settings… accordingly no of inspection points will be generated based on the operation duration….

if you want to do inspection at freely defined intervals then make the below settings in the routing header and operation details…..then system will generate inspection points when ever you go to QE52…



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  • good stuff...quick question. Usually on the mfg floor the mfg people will do in process inspection. They are used to more of a clock in clock out way of working. They clock into the operation, they do the manufacturing activities and then they do the inspection activities. Once both are done they clock out and the material moves to the next operation. I knoe we can tie in manufacturing confirmation (CO11N) transaction with the results recording for inspection points. But I am looking to tie in the CO19  time event transaction to do the clock in clock out and tie it with the inspection point results recording transaction. The operators on the floor do not want to go to mutliple transactions to record thier time on that operation. Do you know how that can be done and if its even possible ?



  • Kumar,


    Thanks for sharing.


    One general question, Client says they want this functionality, do they use this in process quality check in SAP properly.




  • Thanks a lot for sharing it. However, can you please let me know how time based will work. Is there any control that after every one hour as per the systems timing, SAP creates an inspection lot.


    Please advise.



    • Akhtar,


      For time based u need to Select time based "Radio button" in CA02 (Change routing screen) for that material.


      so when ever u create production order system will generate in process inspection lot for that specific time interval which u have define in CA02.


      Please check at your end.

  • Hi Kumar,

    i followed your steps (i used time related instead of quantity related) but when production order is released , i don't see all the inspection points (to be calculated based on the duration of the production order)...i only have one inspection point. Then after completing that one, when i go to QE51N , another one is created.

    Would you have a idea for this behavior?



  • Hi Kumar,


    how we setup interval time in routine for operation 1 to opertion 2 if we hold the process and continue to yesterday.




  • Hi Kumar,


    very good explanation of how to use this functionality, thanks for that. However, I would like to ask about one more detail... my customer wants to use this procedure, but the inspection qty is depending on percentage... say 50% of lot size inspected means the lot is good.


    When using inspection points like you showed above, the system would always tell me in results recording that I have to inspect 50% of the original lot size (thus 100 mm in your example), it does not go to the partial lot size of 50 each, meaning I have to inspect 25 mm 4 times.


    Have you ever tried to work with inspection points and sampling procedures and has it worked for you?




  • Hi K V Kumar

    I want to ask you question what if QC tests results take 15 days after production and the shop order will not close until QC finished their tasks and we need to close it before the end of the month.

    How can we do it on SAP?

    Thanks in advance