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Create Publication to Schedule Webi Report to Dynamic Recipients


This document provides details on how to setup Dynamic Recipients in webi and Scheduling webi reports for these recipients using Publication.

Versions of Software Used

SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4 (Version-

Prerequisites –

  • SMTP server configured in CMC (AdaptiveJobServer) <For Details check –>
  • Scheduling rights to the user to schedule the webi reports.


Login to BI Launchpad


Create a webi report with Name and Email Ids to which you want to send the scheduled Webi Reports.


Once Done, go to the folder where you want to create the Publication.


From New Menu select Publication.


A new window will come, enter a Title for the Publication .You can provide a Description and Keywords for your Publication.


Now, click Source Document.This will be the document/s which you want to get scheduled in the Publication.

Click Add.


Navigate to your webi report and select it and Press OK.


As you will select the Source Document a list of options will appear on the LHS.


Click Dynamic Recipients and from the drop down available select Web Intelligence report Dynamic Recipient Provider.


Now, navigate to the webi report you created with Name and Email Ids and Press Ok.


Now, a drop down will come .Select the Query used in your webi report(Name and Email Ids one)


Three drop down will come which ask your input for Recipient Identifier and Full Name and Email.Select from the drop down available.

Identifier- Name/Email

Full Name- Name

Email- Email

There will be a check box *Use Entire List , check that if you want to send the scheduled webi reports to all the Email Ids.


Now, click Format and select the format you want the webi report to scheduled.


Go to Destination, select the Email Check box,

A list of rows will come , you will be able to see a placeholder in To : – %SI_EMAIL_ADDRESS% , this consists of all the Email Ids you have created in Webi.

You can also enter other details like Subject,Message,Attachment Name etc using Add Place Holder.

Enter the details as per your needs and Press Save & Close.


Now, your Publication has been created,right click on it and Press Schedule.


From, Recurrence – select the time period for which you want to schedule eg. Now,Daily,Weekly etc.

Go to Prompt– If there are any prompts in your report you can provide the Prompts entries by clicking Modify.

Leave all the other options as it is.

Press Schedule.


Now, your Publication has been scheduled with Dynamic Recipients you have configured in Webi report.

As the Scheduling get Success , the scheduled report in format selected by you will be sent to the Email Ids as per the Dynamic Recipients Source.




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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      The most important feature in Publication is the personalization. It will be more interesting if you add its description.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      briefly ecplain publication

      Author's profile photo Wasem Hassan
      Wasem Hassan


      its too good doc.

      Thanks for sharing



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Thanks for sharing this document. it is very help full to me.

      I have some questions regarding this publication. After creating publication and I schedule the publication and it get success but which I attached webI report it is empty there and I checked it webI report it have data but in that mail there is no data it is empty could you please guide me what is the reason and what is the solution for this. and I have one more question.

      The publication got failed automatically and when I monitoring the publication and I rerun that publication that time it was success, so may I know what is the problem in that for your reference I am send the error message.

      Error :- 

      Could not save the document to the repository for the following reason: [repo_proxy 30] DocumentFacade::uploadBlob - Query execute has failed : Error occurred while attempting to reconnect to CMS : Not a valid logon token. (FWB 00003)

      (hr=#0x80042a70) (WIS 30567) (FBE60502)

      Thanks in advance.

      Thanks & regards


      Author's profile photo Niranjan Garud
      Niranjan Garud

      Is there any solution for this issue of getting blank reports in email?

      Author's profile photo Angelica Barbone
      Angelica Barbone

      Hi everybody! I found an issue in our scheduled publication recurrences. We have a report linked as source document in five different publications. These publications have scheduled recurrences. If we deploy the report from dev to prod environment and we don’t remember to deploy its publications in the same promotion step, the scheduled recurrences on publication in prod environment get corrupted after promotion and lost all their settings. We use a Sap BI 4.0 Sp10 Fp3 release.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Javed


      Thanks for the great write up on publishing report using dynamic recipient. I did step by step but my reports send are blank.


      Can you please highlight what I might be missing or doing incorrect.

      Author's profile photo Gabriela Urquía
      Gabriela Urquía


      good doc, nevertheless I want to know if it is necessary to make something different when the webi report that is used as the list of recipients is also scheduled. I mean, how can we do that the publication use the last instance of a webi report as the list of recipients.


      Thank you very much!!


      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Javed,

      It's a nice explanation on how to use Publicaton in webi.

      I have requirement explained below and i don't know how to achieve.

      We have Deski Report which has VBA Macro. The purpose of this VBA is to extract BO report in PDF format  for different Portfolios and save it on defined File path location.

      If i understand properly in your above blog, Publication is used to send BO reports to different Users or locations. But here i don't want to send to different users but instead i want to extract report for different Portfolios and save it at particular file location.

      Can you or anyone help me in achieving this.


      Help is greatly appreciated...


      Kind Regards,


      Author's profile photo Shiva Kothakonda
      Shiva Kothakonda

      HI Madhu,

      We also have a same requirement. Did you get any workaround / solution for your query ?


      Thank you.