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How to change Transport request from Released to Modifiable

How to change Transport request from Released to Modifiable

I think I don’t have to write anything about this
document title itself is sufficient to know what I am going to show you guys.

Sorry forgot to write one comment :::: Please no nonsense with this. It is the way to just rectify the mistake if u mistakenly released the Request.

Once the request is imported to any other system, do not use this. Import buffers may have problems.

Step 1: Go to SE38 – Execute Program RDDIT076.

Step 2: Give your released requests number and execute again.

Step 3: After executing, you will get the list of all tasks from the Transport request.  

Step 4: Double click on every Task and change the Status from R è D.   And save it for all the task and request.

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  • IMHO,we are not supposed to modify the status of a Transport request.

    Take the case,where there is a job scheduled to import the TR to the target client  immediately (usually this kind of job will be scheduled to run every 30 mins or 60 mins-Auto Import only from D to Q) once the TR is released.In such cases will this allow you to change the status of the TR ?


  • Hi Ravindra,

    Thanks for showing that there is a option avaialble when mistakenly TR is released. But i dont think SAP recommendes it.

    • Hello Abilash,

      Yes, I also think that SAP do not recommend it, but over the course of period I learned that developers make SE16N changes in crucial tables like E070, E071 etc for these kind of mistakes.  So its better to go with standard way of rectifying mistakes at least it check authority first, so whoever is authorized to change the TR will get this way working.

      Nonetheless, there are many things SAP strictly forbids, still people try to get along it with.

      Doesn't mean that I am in favor, but just major impact needs a greater solvent causing lower impact 😛

      Hopefully I managed to clarify my intention of showing that there is a standard way of doing needful for ones mistake than making another mistake of editing standard tables forcefully.


      Ravindra Sonar

      • I think you misguided with my comments. i am saying that you have showed that there is option available that's really good. But just for all freshers who see this they will see a caution after reading comments. Thats all.(knowing a option or remedy is always useful 😉 it may useful at any time)..

  • Hello Ravindra,

    what about the locks on the objects in the transport?

    As I know the locks are released when the transport is released. Will they be regenerated with your method?



  • Hi Ravindra,

    Good One!!

    But after changing the status from R to D, And if we try to add some more changes in the same request, those changes are not reflected in the program once we release it again and transport it.

    With regards,

    Sudeesh Ravindran

  • Hi, very helpful article!

    I've a question / doubt to clarify.. see if you could please help..


    Transport (TP) is created, released and imported to the test system. Changes though are now to be reverted / as not required to be imported to Production system.

    Can I just modify the  same TP in the dev system (to revert changes) and import again to the test system to bring the before status of the objects (.. so as to match all the system before changes)?

    Please let me know!



  • Hi Rudra,

    Does this allow to change the transport status even after it is imported in further system.

    Also as some one pointed out will it allow to make changes in the same transport - Adding New objects or Modifying the objects.

    Kindly add the significance of this to your document.


    Vinay Mutt

  • Hello ,

    As you do not know when the import jobs are scheduled in the test systems , its safe to create a new request under the corrective measure and do your changes there . If your release time and import times are overlapping then it will cause issues . You can create n number of requests , so this hack is not required I believe.



  • I will suggest only use this program to make task from   released to Modifiable ; Don’t use for main TR it will create inconsistency.


  • This totally saved me. I accidently released the wrong transport. I did not have transport approval for that transport and the code was unfinished. This would have caused system problems if it was moved in the transport run.

    I would have had to do a lot of paperwork and been in a lot of trouble. I was able to set the transport to modifiable and release the correct transport.

    Later I finished adding code changes to the transport and everything worked fine.

    The code is locked when it is on a transport, It does not unlock when you release the transport, it unlocks when the transport is moved successfully, since then the code is not on an active transport. In live systems transports are not run very often and this is a life saver. Once it is transported you should NOT make any changes to it even if you could.

    All the comments worrying what "SAP recommends" is fine in a perfect world. I just don't live in one.

    In 23 years of writing ABAP code I've only needed this three times, but when I did. I was glad it was available.

    • haaha 🙂 you know what, I used this only once in lifetime ... but the day I used this program I was also having same do or die situation with me. I could imagine that if I would have not find it the other day, the consequences would have been damn bitter....

      Then I thought sharing this with disclaimer 🙂 sometimes it saves the unnecessary headache for sure !!!

  • My released request X has been transported from Dev system to Test system, and I ran the report  RDDIT076 in Dev to change the status of my released request X to D (from R).  Then I went to SE09/SE10 to delete the released request X.

    However, The program related to this deleted request previously has not been reverted in DEV or Test system.

    Did I do anything wrong? Or my program which has been transported to test system cannot be reverted by just deleting the released request?

    Thank you and Best Regards,