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This document provide details on how to setup the SMTP server in SAP BO CMC and to schedule a webi report and send it to Emails directly.

Versions of Software Used

SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4 (Version-

Prerequisites –

  • Access to CMC (Central Management Console)
  • Rights to access Servers from CMC.
  • SMTP credentials needed for setup in server.(Can be obtained from admin person who handles mailbox in your organization).
  • Scheduling rights to the user to schedule the webi reports.


Login to CMC


Go to Servers from Organize menu in CMC


A list of all the servers will come.


Select AdaptiveJobServer from the list.


Right click it and select Destination


In destination you will get a drop down , select Email from the drop down and click Add.


Click Email, a window will come with rows to enter the SMTP credentials, fill all the details .

* Domain Name

* Host

* Port  are mandatory.

You can enter Email ids for from and to/cc , the mail ids you will put here will get the scheduled report when you schedule it for Email as destination.


Also, you can use the Placeholders available to make subject ,message and name for your report.

Fill up all the necessary details and press Save or Save & Close.


Now, SMTP server has been configured.We will schedule a webi report with Email as destination.

Login to BI LaunchPad


Navigate to the webi report you want to Schedule.For my case its Test_Report


Right Click on the report and click Schedule


A new window will pop up with multiple options.


From Reoccurence choose the type of scheduling you want eg. Now,Weekly,Daily etc.

For my case its Now


If your report consists of Prompts than click Prompt option and click Modify, this will enable you to choose the prompt values for which you want to schedule the report.


Format, choose from the list of formats available i.e. Webi,Excel,Adobe Acrobat etc


In Destination option choose Email from the drop down.


Now, a new window with options will come which let you schedule the report for Email as destination.You can enter the details of emails here also but it will not be static as you have to put all the details every time you will schedule the report.


Choose Use Default Settings checkbox.Now this option will take the data from AdaptiveJobServer and will send the report to the Emails configured there.

So, this is a one time work as you can set all the emails at Server side and just click Default Settings for scheduling.


Once done click Schedule.The report will Successfully scheduled and will be sent to the Email Ids configured.



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  1. Former Member

    Very usefull document, but when i follow this instruction and enden the whole configuration, i have a problem with the Alias. When im sending the email from BO side, when arrives to my inbox it didnt come with the alias mail address (ex,, when the alias is “John Smith”) How can i solve this? Thanks in advance. Regards, Ignacio

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Ignacio,

      Please let me know what exactly the issue is, the Alias from which the mail is coming or the Alias to which mail is coming?

      Please clarify.


  2. Former Member


    Hi All,

    is there any way I could schedule the job but the email should not go immediately as these email are addresed to key person and I dont want to send it to them when I am testing the schedule reports.


    Raja Abubaker


  3. Former Member

    Hi Javed,


    Report running less thanĀ 2 min but when scheduling the report it keeps on running more than 20 min. Could you please help me to sort it out.



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