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Blog it Forward- Harish Kumar

Hi All 🙂

I was blogged forward by my friend Kumar Gaurav in his BIF Blog it Forward – Kumar Gaurav .

i would like to thank Kumar Gaurav giving me the opportunity to provide some information about myself to the community.

For those who not familiar with the Blog it Forward activity, get more information here – and if you would like to participate have a look at this chain.

Thanks to  Moshe Naveh for this wonderful idea.

About Me

My name is Harish Kumar, i was born in a town near Chandigarh in Punjab (India). I have completed my Bachelor of Technology (IT) in 2010 and MBA in 2013.

I started my SAP career in 2010 with Knack systems at Mohali (Chandigarh). When i joined my first company, i was not aware of SAP, what it is and what it does. When first time i heard we have to work in SAP CRM (Customer Relationship management) i thought we have to make calls like in call centers to build relationship with customer 🙂 just kidding, but was not much aware about my work. After some time i got information on this and about my job and then start working as a CRM ,Web UI consultant. Currently am working with Accenture.


I Like playing and watching cricket, Listening songs and comedy and reality shows


Bigg Boss

comedy night with kapil

….more & more

About My college life (No knowledge without college) ::->

I completed my B-Tech from Shaheed Udham Singh college of engineering & technology Tangori (Punjab)

2006-2010 .we enjoyed every moment of our life there and one of my cool and favourite 🙂 pic with my friends from our starting days of college.

I think this one is from our last days in college with my friends:-

About my Home state Punjab  ( Punjab )::->

The term Punjab comprises two words: “punj meaning five and ab meaning water,thus the land of five rivers.

Agriculture is the largest industry in Punjab; it is the largest single producer of wheat in India .

Some famous places in Punjab ::-

              Harmandir Sahib                                                                      wagah border ceremony

                                 Jallianwala Bagh


Famous Dance style Bhangra ::-

Famous Games in Punjab (Kabaddi and Hockey  )

Famous Food & Drinks ::-

               Makki di roti & Sarson Da Saag                                                           Lassi

                Patiala PEG

Questions Asked by Kumar:-

1) How do you deal with criticism?

Take it positive.

2) How you came to know about SCN.

While searching solution for my technical problems.

3) Latest incident that make you laugh.

When i attached my college funny pic in my BIF 🙂

I would like to Blog it forward to following people:-

manan goyal

Harnish Sharma

Luís Pérez Grau

My questions to them  ???:-

1) What do you most enjoy on SCN?

2)  What is the best resource of information on SCN?

3)  How SCN can be more better?

Thanks for giving your Valuable time 🙂
Good day.


Harish Kumar

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