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First I am using a sample spreadsheet that has date and customer counts.  Using the typical acquisition (like Lumira) I select New document.

Under the Predict tab, open up Algorithms and select Time Series, Triple Exponential Smoothing as shown below:

1 predict time series.png

Then Configure Settings – there are two ways to do that.  First, right click or select configure settings under Component Actions:

2configure settings.png

These are the settings I used:

3triple exponential smoothing.png

I selected Forecast, with the target variable forecasting Customer Count.

I left the defaults and selected Done.


Then I select Run to Forecast the model.


Success message, click OK


I can review in Grid View.


The best for last is the Trend view, showing the predictions graphically.


What is nice about this version is the hover capability as shown above I can see the values.

Also, I didn’t look at any help to do the above, I simply started using it, without any training.

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  1. Former Member

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge  , however it seems the predict tab is not available in my Lumira .. is it a different setting that i need to use to get the predict tab in Lumira .. i am using the latest version 1.14 .

  2. Former Member

    very useful, thank you very much. I will try installing predictive analysis. Do you maintain a blog site or some thing similar on other topics as well?

  3. Antoine CHABERT

    Hi Tammy,

    Interesting example! I would be nice to see the results that the automated analytic time series would give on this particular dataset.




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