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How to create a job to trigger any Process Chain in SAP BI by checking dependency with another chain and Send Alert, if not triggered as scheduled

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This article is regarding how to create a Job to trigger process chain which will check dependency with another chain before triggering and send alert, if job not triggered.


Maneesh Kumar


Suppose you want to trigger one process chain say ZTEST in BI system but you need to make sure this won’t run if process chain say ZTest1 is in progress and get alert in mail box about the process chain not started.

Steps to include:

The above mentioned scenario is possible by creating Job to trigger the Process Chain.

  1. Before Creating Job, we need to create one variant which we use in the Job we will create to trigger process chain (ZTEST).

          Goto TCode – SE38, you will find below screen.

          Put the Program Name by which you normally trigger your process chain (e.g.ZBI_RSPC_API_CHAIN_START)

          Now click on Radio Button Variants and then Display


               Now you will see below screen.

  2.  Click on Create – To create a New Variant.


               Mention any Variant name as below (E.g. ZTEST_VARR)


3.  Now you will see below screen, please fill detailed as below then Click on Attributes

     Chain To Execute: The Process Chain for which you want to create Job

     Status Check: Checked

     Chain(s) for Status Check: Chain you want to make sure shouldn’t in running state (here ZTEST1) when triggering process chain ZTEST (you can mention                                                multiple Chains for Status Check)

     Pass Status: G

     Send e-mail?: Checked

     Enter e-mail address(es): email ID on which want to get Alert.


4. Mention Description and then Save


5. Goto TCode SM36 , you will see below screen.

     Now mentioned any Job Name then Click Step


6. Now mentioned the program name (used in Step 1) and Varient we have created, then Save



7. You will find details like below  when click on Back



8. Check the Variant details by single click on Program Name, then Goto à Variant.



9. Now Go to Tcode SM37 and search for job you have created.

     You will find the job in Scheduled state, we can Release the job by selecting Start condition.


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      Author's profile photo M Tibollo
      M Tibollo

      you could as well:

      in ZTEST1,

      first step => program to update an entry in TVARV with value 'ON'

      last step of this chain => program to update an entry in TVARV with value 'OFF'

      in chan ZTEST:

      first step = check value of entry in TVARV:

      if ON - send mail

      If OFF continue the chain


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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author


      There are Several ways to achieve the same 😉