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Dealer Process Capture.

Hello All,

I would Like to Show the Process how the Dealer Process(1st Dealer) can mapped in SAP,While procuring from dealers, the dealer’s invoicing amount is known but the excise duties amount are not known at the time of PO creation. The invoice price is taken as the PO price and the excise duties aren’t calculated in the PO.

To capture the excise invoice corresponding to the incoming goods and to take credit for the excise duty component in the dealer’s price, it is required to split the PO price into its two components – the excise base value and the excise duties amount.

Objective is to Understand 

  1. Purchase Order, MIGO, and MIRO for dealer Vendor.
  2. Excise Activities.


For dealer or Normal GR process 1st maintain all respective details in Excise Rate Maintenance Screen (J1ID) for material and vendor Excise in CIN Tab in Vendor Master or In J1ID Vendor Excise Details

To Capture Dealer data a Invoice Copy is Mandatory.

Before Starting Process i would like share some Tips for how to know Vendor is a Dealer or Manufacturer.Every Vendor in India Expect Small Scale Industries they have Excise Registration Number.

How to Find ECC Number In Vendor Invoice?

The ECC number is a registration number, issued to all the Central Excise Assesses. This Number is based on the principles of ‘Common Business Identifier’ which shall be used for revenue accounting, validation of documents (e.g. CENVAT invoices), and inter-agency coordination and for creation of data warehouse.

ECC number is a PAN based 15 digit alpha numeric numbers. The first part denotes 10 character (alpha numeric) Permanent Account number issued by Income tax authorities to the concerned person to whom the ECC Number is to be allotted and the second part comprises of a fixed 2 character alpha code which is as follows:



Central Excise Manufacturer

(Including registered warehouses)


Registered Dealer


This is followed by 3-Character numeric code – 001, 002, 003 etc. In case, a manufacturer, registered with the Central Excise Department, has only one factory /dealer’s premise/warehouse, the last three characters will be 001. If there are more than one factories/warehouses/dealer’s premises of such a person having common PAN for all such factories/warehouses/dealer’s premises, the last 3 character of the new ECC would be 001, 002, 003 etc.

The ECC Number has to be quoted on the GAR–7Challans covering deposit of Central Excise duties, Additional duties, Cess and other dues to the Government.


Where the concerned person has only one factory:

ECC Number will be – PAN + XM + 001

Suppose PAN is ABCDE1234H, the ECC Number will be – ABCDE1234H XM 001

Where the concerned person has more than one factory, say 3 factories, having PAN as aforesaid, then the ECC Number will be:

ABCDE1234H XM 001

ABCDE1234H XM 002

ABCDE1234H XM 003

Where the concerned person has one factory and is also registered as a dealer, having PAN as aforesaid, then the New ECC Number will be:

ABCDE1234H XM 001 (for Factory)

ABCDE1234H XD 001 (for Dealer)

Below Screenshot is  Original Vendor Invoice


Let me show how to map the Process in sap

Create PO with Vendor given net price Below show standard PO


Then do Migo for PO


Here in above Image the base Price taken form PO i,e net price * quantity is shown below

Invoice Value Amt
PO Qty PO Net Price PO Total
14 724.00 10136.00
Vat 15% 1520.40
Total Invoice Amt 11656.40

In dealer case Excise rate pass is shown in below invoice copy shows the rate Excise pass on


Below Excise Rate given by vendor

BED 1719.84
ECS 34.4
SECess 17.2
Total Rate 1771.44

Here will deduct Total Excise amount on Base Amount ( Final Base Value = (Net Price* Quantity) – Total excise Value)

Hence the Final Base Value Becomes 10136 -1771.44 = 8364.56 this amount should be entered in Base value of Excise item tab in Migo.

Please note – the sum of the excise base and the excise duty values must always equal to the PO price. b’coz we are splitting the components.

Here If change base value without Putting MRP tick then GR will not Create with Proper  Accounting Entry,You can find MRP Tick in Header level in excise invoice tab below Excise capture post Drill down More data Button.jpg click on it. A popup will come Below Screen Shot shows it


Below images show the changes made to Base value


Here In Base Value we entered excise Deducted amount.

The Post the GR.Following Accounting Entries are Happened with Base value Captured amt in System are shown below


J1IEX Excise Part Since i have captured in Migo no need of doing again J1IEX.

Then will Complete the Process by doing MIRO(Invoice Capture), Shown below


Here in the above Screen Amt is flown from PO which is having Excise Amt, here in case of dealer we need to change item amount in IR so correct amt is Paid to Vendor


In MIRO screen we see the total amt is matched to vendor invoice amount below are the accounting entries


Dealer Process can be Done without any Constraint if followed above steps.

Snote Regarding CIN Dealer

1726234 – Wrong calculation of excise duty in dealer scenario- MIRO

1491695 – Wrong Ed open GR quantity for OPUoM conversion in PO- MIGO

796339 – Incorrect inventory valuation for First stage dealers -MRP

1035703 – GR valuation incorrect for dealer invoice with SECess

If you have query/question/objection about this Doc then please write back to me.



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      Former Member

      Dear Shiva,

      Its a really good document for reference. I would have better if you mentioned various scenario like

      1. PO net price is including of excise duty

      2. PO net price is exclding of excise (like some time Business does no know what excise duty will pass his Vendor, so they create PO net price and with ZERO tax condition i.e JMOP=0, JESC=0 etc and during MIGO the put manually in excise item tab with no MRP indicator and then do excise posting and in MIRO system will calculate tax automaticaly.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author


      1,Above Process is for PO net including Net price Test in DEV system

      2.In your case If you put excise value manually in migo without MRP tick then at the time miro it will not pick, But another thing i need to tell you that at the time of migo if change or not change base amount without MRP tick then it will pick po amount for generating acc document which is totally wrong.  

      Author's profile photo Ashok Kumar Telugu
      Ashok Kumar Telugu

      Good one shiva.. Keep it up!.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      thank you.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      If you put excise value manually in migo without MRP tick then at the time miro it will not pick

      Yes it will pick but condition is you have to open all tax condition in your PO(i.e all realated to excise condition). Then it will match with your vendor invoice.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      without putting MRP tick the price take on material is with excise which is total wrong.please test it,

      regarding opening all po tax conditions in your i didn't get you how you will do can you explain it.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Scenario is like this

      PO net price is 100/- per pc  and i have 1 pc

      Tax conditions are 0

      During GR i came to know apart from 100/- my delare pass 9/- ED, 2/- Ecss and 1/- HEces

      Then i will put those amount manually without changing my base value and without tick on MRP

      So My GR/IR will be 100/-

      Then Do J1IEX and ED will dr. as 9

                                  Ecess Dr. 2/ and Hcess Dr.1/- and Cenvar Clg Cr- 12/-

      Then Do MIRO Simulate it

      Vedor account will credit 112/-

      GR/IR dr. 100

      Cenvat Clg dr. 12

      Hope you can understand what i mean to say

      Author's profile photo Ashok Kumar Telugu
      Ashok Kumar Telugu

      Whatever the case, if the Scenario is Excise inclusive then Condition records have to be maintained with Zero rate for BED, ECS & SEcess alonwith Setoff conditions and you have to change the base value and duties and have to have set the MRP indicator in MIGO and change the same base amount in MIRO. You donot need to change the Tax code in MIRO provided the Tax procedure is TAXINN (or a Copy of it)