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Own Jobs Verifications Post #solman installation

Verification on Solution Manager Background processing after an Upgrade or new installation,

Hello, to continue with the intention to create a index (main post) of verification that help us to check errors while and after a Solution Manager Installation, now is time for Solution Manager Background Processing; what do you need to check after a solution manager installation to avoid problem while setup different solman scenarios.That topic is only an overview of some key in the background processing, Solution Manager use a huge number of reports, programs or service on background that are not described here, my intention is only to get a list of initial verification before Solution Manager is fully Running.


Connections Diagnostics Agents Authorizations BI/BW CRM
Own jobs Central Correction Note Saprouter Services SICF SLD/LMDB
Solution Manager SP Components status Communication ports java stack System LandScape

Solman Experts Useful Content:

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Diagnostics agents checks:

ID Verification Sap note Description
1 Schedule background jobs Check if jobs are scheduler correctly with report BTCTRNS2, with that report you can frozen jobs scheduling while an upgrade of the system. I don’t use it but found on related documents of some system installations.

Basic Administration Tasks – Administration of Business Warehouse – SAP Library

2 Solman Jobs 894279

Check Solution Manager Jobs, are running without problems, after the installation of Solution Manager and when you finish solman_setup basic configuration and system preparation it’s important to check background processing to detect some problems on background processing, on that support note you will find a list of all solution manager jobs and a short explication for each one to help you to understand the functionality of each one.

894279 – Background processing in SAP Solution Manager


That user is the user used for the execution of each background processing, It’s usually to see that some jobs are not scheduler with that user, remember to update authorizations from that jobs and re-schedule each job that are not scheduler with that user.




ON the process on the activate BI Content, the system scheduler the job CCM_BI_SETUP, that job is one of the most time consuming on the solman setup, the another one is SMSETUP: AGS_IBASE_FORS_SMY (only if you have a huge number of systems). The execution time for me is between 2:00h and/or 4:00.

If you found problem you can check sap note:

1863590 – Parallel jobs CCMS_BI_SETUP

6 Job: SAP: LMDB_LDB_00000000001






This is one of the another jobs that can run for a long time, it depend of the number of elements in your SLD, if you see that this job runs endless check information on that discussion from Carroll M

And also check that SAP NoteS:

1669645 – No progress during incremental LMDB synchronization

1766713 – Re-Synch from SLD not possible due to missing data supplier

1758666 – LMDB Sync: Timeouts due to too many pending changes

1555955 – SAP Solution Manager 7.1 – Performance Checks for LMDB

1681591 – Correction: SLD –> LMDB synch. connection error handling

You can see more information on System LandScape from Stephanie Janssen:


Check if SGEN has been scheduler and finish correctly to avoid users lose time while open different programs for the first time, for solution manager it’s not necessary to load all program, the basic load are  for some ABAP programs (ST,SAP_BASIS, SAP_ABA), BPS and Webdynpro

SAP Solution Manager Basic Configuration – SAP Documentation

8 SelfDiagnostics

As background processing is basic for Solution Manager functionality, it is checked by Self Diagnostic tool under Solution Manager Administration Workcenter, if you go to SelfDiagnostic -> settings on “Alert Type” you can see a list of critical jobs for the background processing. Remember to check that this alerts are flagged and look at message log to see if there is any problem.

9 VAR Scenario: REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT, Download customer Data and installations from SAP Service Backbone (Daily)
AI_SDK_SP_GENERATE_BP_V2 (Generate Business Partners and system users for Service Providers) (Daily)


SERVICE_CONNECTION_LISTENER, check service connection

SM:LONG FILE EXT DOWNLOAD, filter to doc files type that can be send to SAP


If you a are on a new Solution Manager Installation you will not see that background jobs, but if you are on a upgrade from a VAR scenario It’s important to stop that jobs until the upgrade has been done. To cancel/frozen jobs you can use report BTCTRNS2

Related information from scn forum contributors and friends

Additional information:

Connections Diagnostics Agents Authorizations BI/BW CRM
Own jobs Central Correction Note Saprouter Services SICF SLD/LMDB
Solution Manager SP Components status Communication ports java stack System LandScape

Hope that can be useful for you, if you have more information that can be useful to check a post-solman-installation comment it and i will update that blog post. And of course if you found any mistake tell me and I will fix it 😉 .

Best Regards,


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