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Liking the Powerbuilder Developer Center “Subspace” within SAP

It may be of interest to some to “Follow” PB within the SAP Developer center. We currently have 130 followers which puts us in 8th place within the developer center. I think with a little effort we can overtake the 1st place “SAP Hana Developer Center” which only has 1126 followers. That might give us even more exposure to our other SAP developer brethren. If you’re not already following the PB Developer Center I would encourage you to do so. One way to get there is click on the “Developer Center” link at the top of the page. Click on the Subspaces tab page.

Locate the PB Developer Center tile. Move your mouse over it and the “setup gear” appears in the lower right corner. Click on the gear. I apologize if that’s not the right name for it.


Click on the follow link:Capture.PNG

Click the back link to return.

Refresh the page to verify the number of followers has increased.


It may seem cheesy to do but showing up on SAP’s radar in any kind of way is probably a good thing.

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