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Installing and Configuring the Netweaver Development Infrastructure 7.X Environment.

Applies to:


     SAP NetWeaver 7.X  (Custom Development & Unified Life-Cycle Management) SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.X


      This guide describes step-by-step how to setup an NWDI track to develop new composite applications for the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (CE) platform. This guide will focuses on what you will need to set up new Development environment and software components for development with CE 7.X and their dependencies, and also specifics within the track configuration. For more information please visit SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI).

We will be discussing following points in detail in this document –

  • Creating the software component in system landscape directory
  • Creating track
  • Creating Users and Group for The created track
  • Defining the dependencies for our software component
  • Transporting the Required dependencies


Apart from above mentioned points there are many more configurations which are not completely covered in this document to maintain scalability such as Component Build System (CBS), Design Time Repository (DTR) etc which are intended to be discussed in followup documents.

Creating the software component in system landscape directory

            We have to create a software component (SCA) in the SLD in which we are going to develop our project and we shall add the dependencies in to same SCA required to develop the project. For that we have to click the Link for SLD provided in the NWDI home page ( http://<servername>:<port>/devinf ) as following screen.

Pic 0.png


            Once we will click on the SLD link we will get the following screen where we have to select software component, so that we can create our software component in the provided landscape directory. We can also directly approach to the System landscape directory page by the link http://<servername>:<port>/sld

Pic 1.png

            After clicking the link we will get the following screen which will list the entire available software component as the software catalog where we will click on new and will define the properties required for our component (SCA).

Pic 2.png

After clicking the new button we will get the next screen where we will select the relevant option and click on next.

Pic 3.png

In next screen we have to define most of the properties which are required for our software component lets take it one by one, after clicking the next button we will get the following screen where we have to create the product version first. For which we will click on the create Product version.

Pic 4.png

We will provide the relevant details in the following screen for creating product version.

Pic 5.png

            We will provide the relevant details for the product version and proceed by clicking the create button and again by clicking the create unit we will get the following screen. Where we will provide the Unit Name and proceed by clicking on create button.

Pic 6.png

We will finish the software component creation by providing all the required Data in the following screen.

Pic 7.png

After clicking finish we will get the following screen for confirmation where the new software component will be listed in the software catalog. With the details listed in the lower half of the screen as following screen.

Pic 8.png

After creating the software component we will go to the NWDI Home and will go to CMS again.

Pic 9.png

On the following screen click on the Domain data.

Pic 10.png

In the Domain Data Screen click on change and provide the required information after providing the relevant information click on Update CMS.

Pic 11.png

Once Done we are ready for creating the track for development. For that proceed to the next section.

Creating track:

            Click on CMS Link on the screen and you will get the following screen here we have to create track that track will contain all the software components ( SCA ) and the dependencies and the user assigned for different task in form of individual users and the group, which has to be used to develop the project.

            After filling the details in the upper half of the screen we have to add the software components and dependencies which should be present on the track for development, for this click on Add SCs button provided.

Pic 12.png

            After clicking on add SC button we will get the following popup screen where we have to select the component we have recently created in SLD. After selecting that particular component we can click on add and can add that in our track for development. As follows.

Pic 13.png

            After adding the software component to the track we can save the track as follows.

Pic 14.png

Creating Users and Group for The track

From the NWDI Homepage we have to go to CMS Track Authority

Pic 15.png

            Now on the following screen click on the new entry and create user and groups as per requirement, the only thing we need to pay attention is that the users and groups defined here should be available in User Management Engine (UME) as well means the user & Group should exist in the UME. Then we can define the required permission for them.

Once Done click on save and go back to CMS and defined the dependencies for the component.

Pic 16.png

Defining the dependencies for our software component:

            Once the users and groups are defined with appropriate permissions go back to the CMS and click on landscape configurator as follows.

Pic 17.png

            On landscape configurator select the relevant track from the list and click on change button which is a toggle button it will change in to a display button after clicking on change, after that we can get the define dependencies button enabled as follows.

Pic 18.png

            After selecting the component from Software components list we will click on the define dependencies button which will lead us to following screen, so go ahead and start defining required dependencies as follows.

Pic 19.png

            Once All the Dependencies are defined go to domain data and update the CMS so that the changes can be applied to the track.

Pic 20.png

Transporting the Required dependencies


          Before starting the use of the track we need to transport the required dependencies so that it will be available for development in the track. For this first we need to define the transport path in the Domain Data as follows.

Pic 21.png

            After that click on Transport Studio go to checkin tab and click on configure checkin and define the path for the transport inbox if its not in the default path.

Pic 22.png

Configure the inbox location so that the Dependency SCAs can be imported.

Pic 23.png

            Once the Inbox path is configured we have to put those dependencies SCA into inbox so that it can be imported into transport studio. We can download the SCA from the SAP Market place. Once the downloaded SCA are kept in the inbox it will be available in the checkin component list. As follows

Pic 24.png

Once the Import is done Select all the SCAs one by one and click on Check-in as follows.

Pic 25.png

            Once the check-In is done move to development tab and all the checked-In SCAs will be available there, Click on import check to verify if things are ok up till now and there status will be waiting for import after performing import check on SCA import it. Import all the SCAs one by one although multiple selections at once is possible but mostly it creates problem while importing so my recommendation is to import one by one as follows.

Pic 26.png

            Once all the import is finished click on refresh button provided, after that all the SCA will be listed on the Consolidation tab where we have to again perform the import check and import all the SCA one by one same as above screen.

            Once the consolidation is done all the SCA dependencies will be available in the track and in assembly you can see your component in waiting for Assembly State.

Pic 27.png

Now the track is ready to import in NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS).


This Document is prepared using 7.2 SP03 Server, however it is applicable for all the later versions with minor or no changes. The changes are intuitive and can be easily overlooked with the basic knowledge of NWDI.

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