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Excimp’s EMMAX: Great Tool to Reduce Exception Backlogs, Late and Unbilled Contracts.

Large data processing systems like SAP for Utilities have proven to be very efficient and robust. Despite this efficiency and robustness exceptions still occur and need to be handled. There are even situations where the process fails without any exception, leaving the users unaware of unbilled or late billed contracts in the system. Although this happens only for a very limited percentage of the total database, the absolute numbers of unbilled or late-billed contracts can still be large and working these situations means a 100 % contribution to the revenue.

Below an overview of some important questions when handling exceptions.

Did you find:



Individual Errors?


With EMMA/BPEM and EMMAX Case Categories

All Errors of the Process?



All Errors for a Customer/POD or other IS-U Master Data Objects?



All Contracts invoiced?



All Resolved Cases closed?



Solution Step?



The above table shows that EMMAX covers the complete exception handling area, and not only individual EMMA Cases. EMMAX is a must have for all users of SAP BPEM/EMMA, or as one of our customers says: “EMMAX is a really awesome tool to discover hidden revenue and to ensure complete and consistent billing”.

The standard SAP BPEM/EMMA solution offers great functionality to identify the exceptions and turn them into cases that can be understood and handled by the business agents. BPEM/EMMA is widely used and integrated in some SAP IDEX solutions.

In addition to standard SAP BPEM/EMMA, that is showing individual exceptions, the EMMAX Exception Environment (EMMAX/EE) enables a fully integrated display of all cases related to the standard IS-U business objects. This prevents situations as shown in below picture and enables working all exceptions for a business partner, or any other standard SAP business object in one go.

EMMAX takes care of assigning, reassigning and forwarding cases based on the SAP Organizational Structure and a very flexible wizard based assigning function provided by EMMAX.

Excimp’s Profit Analyses Monitor (EMMAX/PAM) provides automated processes to identify and resolve unbilled or late-billed situations, sometimes even without human interaction. This contributes totally to the net revenue in the system. Excimp offers the option of running a quick scan on productive IS-U databases showing the unbilled or late billed contract and providing an estimated dollar value on the missed revenue. With this information a business case can be created to proof EMMAX’s value.

Standard SAP’s BPEM/EMMA requires (customer build or resource based) management to enable an efficient exception handling. One thing we want to mention here as an example is the control of case statuses. Without a status control function it is hard to decide what the actual status of a case is. Cases need to be closed manually and agents sometimes forget to do so when resolving the exception, or exceptions are resolved by the process. This causes pollution of the EMMA_CASE database with old resolved cases with still open statuses. This is only one small example where the EMMAX/CoCo module (Complete Cases that are Obsolete) offers a solution framework to automatically close a case when the exception is resolved and even preventing an agent from closing a case when the exception still exists. Of course EMMAX offers a lot more powerful additions on top of BPEM/EMMA without modifying the SAP software.

A major advantage of EMMAX is the short implementation time. EMMAX comes as an official SAP Add-On with a load of installation and implementation accelerators to enable our customers to be productive and start working the backlog efficiently within 2 weeks.

EMMAX/BORIS (Business Object Repository Information System) contains a large number of well documented predefined solution processes that help speed up resolving exceptions in a structured and consistent way. Implementing the steps from BORIS into an EMMAX Case category is done using a unique drag&drop function that reduces implementation and maintenance time enormously

Excimp’s EMMAX shows to be a profitable and very helpful tool to reduce exception backlogs, late and unbilled contract situations and back-office costs at small to very large worldwide leading utility companies from New Zealand through Europa up to the America’s. References are available upon request.

Bottom-line for this first EMMAX blog is: Handling exceptions brings profit and happy customers.

More blogs to be expected.

For questions please feel free to contact us directly or at


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