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Create generic extractor to get the Value Table of Domain

Requirement –

Many times we have requirement to get the data of “value table of domain” inside BW infoobject. To solve this one we can create a generic extractor on this domain.

Step 1 –

Let say we have a table ZTEST1 and there we have field “ZZ_TERF” which has data element “PT_ZTERF”. This data element “PT_ZTERF” referring to domain “ZTERF”.


Value table for domain “ZTERF” –


Our objective here is to get this Value Range as a Text data for an infoobject in SAP BW.

Step 2 –

Once you are done with identifying domain, next step is to create a generic extractor for it. Goto RSO2. Provide the name of new extractor “Z_TEST1” and select Texts as a DataSource.


After clicking on Create button, next to enter Application Component and Description Part.


After that click on button “Extraction fr. Domain”.  This action will enable the “Extraction from Domain Fixed Values”. Select the right domain. In our case it is “ZTERF”.


Step 3 –

Save the extractor Z_TEST1.


Step 4 –

Replicate the extractor by selecting the right Source System name.


Step 5 –

Create an Infopackage and extract the data from source system. Click on “Start button”.


Once this activity is done then you can create/identify the right infoobject (Text data) and create transformation, DTP. As we have data in PSA, we can trigger DTP to pull the data from PSA to Infoobject level.

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