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  1. Srinivasan S

    Hi Sven,

    Your blog was very useful but I am struck with an issue here.

    The data is not displaying in the overview screen (Customer>Accounts>Intelligent Systems) where the EC was created.

    Please help!



    1. Former Member

      Hey Srini hope your are good.

      I´m having the same problem , everythins seems to be ok but i cannot see the AccountID in my embedded component in order to use the data of the account for my process.

      did you get over this issue?

      1. Srinivasan S

        Hi Ivan,

        All good here. I think the problem should be with the binding process while creating the embedded component. The binding process can be done only once.

        So repeat the process of creating the EC and ensure the binding are done properly.

        Another problem we are currently encountering is that we are not able to display multiple rows of data in the advanced list pane of the embedded component. Let me know if your issue is solved.



  2. Srinivasan S

    Hi Guys,

    When I try to embed reports in the overview page of AccountTI page, it shows 2 exceptions.

    1. You have no authorization for the creation of Analytical Navigation

    2. Object must not be changed; Error TR. 414 in change/transport system

    This exception arises when I choose the report to embed. Please provide your suggestions.



  3. Zoran Galijanic

    Hi all,

    First of all many thanks to Sven for this very detailed explanation.
    The reason why data was not displaying as Srinivasan reported is:
    In video (“SAP Cloud Appliations Studio: Embedded Component”) around 4.33 minutes one step is missing. The step is to put parameters RequestAutoRefire and RequestFireOnInitialization to true.

    best regards,


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