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Welcome SCNians to my Blog

After I have gone through blogs by  Blog It Forward – Jitendra Kansal & Blog It Forward- Dev Patra

Thanks Jitendra & Dev for inviting me to write mine.

I would like to mention a special thanks to Chandra Agarwal, Blog It Forward- Chandra Shekhar Agarwal for inspiring & Inviting me and writing about me.

Note : Link for those who wants to be part of Blog It Forward challenge :

Blog It Forward Community Challenge

My SCN experience :

I am hardcore SCN Fan. Who so ever join new in my team, I make them aware of SCN . I have learnt a lot form SCN.

Thanks to all the members, Moderators & Mentors for being a part of my SCN journey.

About Me:

I am Nisha Sharma, Currently staying in Bangalore, The heart of IT. Born in Beautiful Himachal Pradesh & married in Culturally rich Rajasthan.

Till  my graduation I was in my Home town, Graduated from NIT Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh and currently working in SAP Labs Pvt. Ltd Bangalore.

My eternal love towards travelling , reading , cooking, exploring different cultures (India’s rich cultural heritage) keeps me busy all the time.


About My professional Life:

I am currently working with SAP Labs Pvt. Ltd. I am associated with SLI since 2008.

SAP has a great work culture &  is a great place to work.

I am working in Manufacturing area DIMP and more focused on Industry solution for automotive, Engineering & construction, Catch weight management.

About my Home state

I come from Himachal Pradesh, which is a part of Northern India.

Himachal Means In the lap of Himalayas. Himachal is known as Dev Bhoomi & believed to be the abode of Gods an Goddesses.

It has many Stone & wood temples : to name few Masroor rock cut temple , Hidimba Devi temple Manali , Vashist temple Manali are among famous ones. Hot springs are present in Himachal in Manikarn , Tatta pani shimla.

Himachal is famous for its natural beauty , snow, apple and rich cultural heritage.

I am sharing few pictures from my place:

My Home:


Solang valley:


Rohtang Pass:



I like watching cricket , cookery shows ,Travelling, Reading, watching Hindi Movies.

Travelling Tops the list 🙂

Sharing a pic from my South East Asia trip:


Facts about Himachal:

Himachal Pradesh has a total population of 6,856,509

In 1992, Mr. Willy T. Blazer, Vice Counselor and Head of Chancery of Switzerland in India brought Khajjiar(hill station) on the world tourism map by christening it “Mini Switzerland”.

Vijay Kumar won silver medal in 25m shooting in 2012 summer Olympics belong to Himachal Pradesh

Bollywood stars Anupam Kher,Amrish Puri (who studied here),Prem Chopra (brought up here),Mohit Chauhan (Singer), Preity Zinta , Kangana Ranaut are from Himachal Pradesh.


The day to day diet of Himachalis is though similar to the rest of north India but is unique for its taste and ingredients used.

The rotis (breads) are made of flours like wheat and maze. Makki ki roti & sarso ka saag is famous in himachal as well.

Some of the specialties of the Himachali cuisine include Mandra, Maahni, Mitha Saloona, Bhujju, Saag, Palda, Redhu, chouck, bhagjery, etc.List is really long..

Here are my answers to your questions Jitendra 🙂

1)What makes you smile/laugh?

When I follow my heart and do things .. I feel very happy & gratified.

Whenever I see my work is been appreciated & it’s helping others..

That gives me happiness

2) Had you not been into software at all, where would you have been?

I would have opened a Preschool.

3) What is the craziest thing you would have done in your life? 🙂

Nothing strikes my mind at the moment to answer this ;).

Blog Forward:

I would like to blog forward to

shiva mc

Sven Ringling

My Questions:

1) If you could be a super hero (or are in your spare time) who would you be?

2) What do you enjoy most in your work and why?

3)What is your personal life dream?

Thanks a lot for reading and spending your valuable time.

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  1. Jitendra Kansal

    Hi Nisha,

    First of all thank you so much for accepting my invitation and welcome to BIF Family. 🙂

    I was in Chandigarh for almost 2.5 years and during weekends/holidays, I had many chances to explore many new places in Himachal Pradesh. One of my fav places in India. It has been amazing experience in my all trips to HP.

    Your blog reminded me all the fun i had in Punjab/Chandigarh especially food 😛

    Makki ki roti & sarso ka saag

    Thanks for sharing this nice blog with beautiful pics. 😀

    Wish you a very happy new year !!!



    1. Former Member Post author

      I wish you too a very Happy New Year….Thanks a lot for spending time and reading my blog 🙂 …

      I belong to two different culturally strong states.. I love Rajasthan equally too.

      Great Food , Great Culture…

    1. Dibyendu Patra

      In adding to my response, Himachal Pradesh is really nice place..

      But I have just hear about Himachal 🙁 , but I am sure next year I will go there for a trip 🙂 …

      Anyway, Happy New Year 2014 and nice to know about you..

      1. Former Member Post author

        Sure..I will give a list of places which you must visit… all the best for 2014..

        I wish you definitely touch Himachal this year..

        Thanks & Wish you and your family a very happy new year. 🙂

    2. Former Member Post author

      Thanks Dev… Thanks for All lovely Compliments 🙂 .. Sure SCN is the platform which connects us.. and we will be in touch for sure 🙂

  2. Chandra Shekhar Agarwal

    Hello Nisha,

    Welcome to our BIF family. 🙂

    Good to know about you and your lifestyle, I have visited HP, Its like one of the best place of India.

    Thanks for Sharing it with us. 🙂

  3. Jyoti Prakash

    Hello Nisha,

    Welcome to BIF…

    Well, what I can say about Himanchal Pardesh. I have been to Himanchal during my children when my father posted at Pathankot. Still those memories of mine are fresh. That time we visited Palampur, Dalhousie, Kangra, Chamba, Kullu, Manali, Dharamsala, Mandi, Baijnath Temple, Chintpurni Maa Temple and Chamera Lake & Dam. I have visited both Himanchal & Kashmir and believe me there is no comparison between them. Both are having blessing of mother nature.

    Nice BIF.

    Looking forward for more contribution from you.

    Best Wishes,


    1. Former Member Post author

      Thanks JP sir:-)…

      Learning a lot from SCN & its time to pay back , share our findings & experiences with all members..

      Thanks for encouragement.

  4. Midhun VP

    Good to know about you Nisha. Manali is my list of places to visit.

    Your house is similar to those in Hollywood movies, beautiful.

    – Midhun VP

  5. ' MoazzaM '

    Hi Nisha Sharma

    Very nice pictures and presentation. I just love makki ke roti and its “choori” if you have ever tried 🙂 and Saag is something we eat a lot in winter here in Lahore and I like it very much.


        1. ' MoazzaM '

          Hi Jitendra

          Choori is something my makes with Makkai ke roti and Desi sugar and butter. Just mix these three things and crush them with hands and Choori is ready. Its very delicious and we can’t get it from market. Its something only your mother can do for you 🙂


              1. Chandra Shekhar Agarwal

                🙂 .. Okay.. Lemme taste both things then i will decide.. BDW now i am feeling hungry.. Please send it fast to me.. 😛 😛 Don’t share it others, as i saw no. of peoples in Queue. 😀 😀

                1. ' MoazzaM '


                  I tried in Google and Youtube but couldnt get the exact thing. Now I have to visit my home and ask my mother to make it for me. I will eat and you guys can enjoy the pictures which I am gona make before eating that Special Punjabi Recipe 😀

            1. ' MoazzaM '

              Yeah its not bit heavy infact its very heavy and we can’t eat more than a little bowl I showed in my previous comment 🙂 it containes butter which makes it heavy and probably fatty as well 😯


  6. Vivek Singh Bhoj

    Very nice BIF Nisha

    Enjoyed reading it and pictures were very beautiful 🙂

    The Himalayas made me remember my hometown 🙂

    Good to know about you



  7. Former Member

    you are blessed with the nice place nisha .. 🙂 very impressive BIF.

    though i have never seen the place which you mentioned above , its tempted me to go there soon.. thank u for sharing your journey here. 🙂

    & i must say your expressing way of your place i just loved it.

    Keep posting.

    Best Wishes,


            1. ' MoazzaM '

              Dev you can also taste it. It not for eating actually its just tasting this recipe 🙂 because you know like more outcome with less resources in comapnies I have to give its taste to many others as well 😉

        1. Nitin Jinagal

          Yup. My mom also make it. And we call it choorma and can also be eaten with dal, but its different from that of Dal bati wala choorma. Its a must dish on Makar sankrant 🙂

          I love it

  8. Former Member

    Hello Nisha Sharma

    It was nice to read ur BIF and see those lovely pictures from HP. You reminded me of my trip to “Delhi->Agra->Kullu-Manali” in 2012. Such a beautiful memories with my friends.

    I love those hot Aalu/Gobi k Parathe in -5 deg… 😛

    Thx again 😳

  9. Satish Kumar Balasubramanian

    Nice Blog Nisha, really good to read 🙂

    Cheers with you on being a cricket Fan, and SCN fan 🙂

    Loved the pics, Good to know about you 🙂

    You are doing really a good job by making your team members to get to know about SCN, Since it can certainly be a good Guide for beginners to excel 🙂 🙂



  10. Former Member

    Hi Nisha,

    Thank you so much for sharing about Masroor rock cut temple , Hidimba Devi temple Manali , Vashist temple Manali. I will definitely try to visit the temples with my family during my summer vacation. I am very much interested to visit temples. For the past 32 years I went to pilgrimage sabarimala and it was wonderful experience. I use to walk for 48 KM and journey was thrilling. Once again thank you so much for sharing about you and your experience. Pics are awesome. Keep up the good work! I appreciate.

    Keep sharing! Keep contributing!


    Hari Suseelan

    1. Former Member Post author

      Thank you so Much Suseelan Hari for your time. I read your comment so many times 🙂 🙂 and felt so happy to read it again & again. You made my day 🙂 THANK YOU.

      I am very sure , you are going to like all Himachal temples very much..

      definitely Plan your trip & do let me know if you need further information.

      Thanks & Best Wishes


      1. Former Member

        Hi Nisha,

        You are welcome. I walked from chennai to kerala around 800 KM to sabarimala. I love to visit temples and it is great privilege to us. Definitely I will contact you when I come there. Thank you so much for your kind words. If you have any doubts or query you can send also direct message to me. I appreciate once again all your efforts towards SCN community.

        SCN is shinning because of challenging stars like you.


        Hari Suseelan

  11. Carlos Roggan

    Hi Nisha,

    what wonderful beautiful home!!!

    That’s great that you like travelling and are interested in foreign cultures. There are so beautiful places to see in India (I’ve seen a few…)

    So… don’t forget to travel to Germany some day in future…;-)

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Carlos

      Thanks for your time & wonderful comments.

      Yeah i have got chance to explore Germany too.. What a Beautiful country and amazing People. I have been to SAP head-office quite sometime & hence got chance to travel all beautiful places around.



  12. Former Member

    Hi Nisha,

    A lovely blog….good to know about u,and your place.

    All picture’s are really very nice (specially your’s)…Thanks for sharing your journey so far!!

    Thanks & Regards,

    Poorvi Rathore

  13. Former Member

    Hey.. its very nice to read about u..

    U know what just 2 weeks back i went to kullu, manali…

    its really nice place..

    Finally.. nicely written:)


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