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Looking at Analysis OLAP to Design Studio

I already have a BEx query with exceptions defined to highlight projects that are over budget.


You can see in the above Analysis OLAP workspace that Analysis OLAP honors exceptions as “conditional formatting” – the flushing project is over budget.


I can send this to Design Studio by clicking the button shown above.


This is how it looks in a Design Studio application.  You save the application in the BI Launchpad and open the application there.


The above shows how the application looks design time in Design Studio.


Notice at run time the conditional formatting from Analysis OLAP is not shown (i.e. the project that is over budget is not highlighted)


Back in design time, I select the Conditional Formatting property to True


Then Design Studio will show the project over budget in red (thus honoring the setting from the BEx Query)

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  • Hi Tammy,

    Thank you the document. I tried your approach and it is working out fine for background changes, but the text formatting is not reflecting. Is there any bugs or restrictions for text formatting. We are in BO 4.1

      • Hi Tammy,

        Sandeep and myself   working on same issue.

        Below are more details

        OLAP Report : Version is 4.1 SP7

        OLAP Report.PNG

        Design Studio : Version 1.6 SP02Design Studio.PNG

        there are two issues ,

        1. As you see in screen shot of OLAP report,  we have conditional formatting for both background and values , where as in the design studio we are getting  for background only  .

        2. In OLAP Report we have applied Percentage formatting and values are shown with percentage , where as in Design studio the Percentage formatting not applied

        Could please suggest if we have any sap notes or any solutions.

        Thanks in Advance ..!!