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PURPOSE: We might come across few issues while executing the Development post processing activities during Cutover/Mocks ,so the aim is to rectify it or pass it to the responsible team by identifying the nature of the issue.


The aim here is to cite several issues which we have come across earlier in different environments which could help us with an idea for taking action immediately by seeing the nature of the issue.

The activities for which we might face issues during cutover/mocks:

  1. While running the Transfer structure activation program
  2. While running the BIA index delete and rebuild program.



Once  we execute the program RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL ,we will see a job will get cancelled with the follwing message.



As you can see above, the job log throws an exception error message as there is no authorization for DATASOURCE 72_EMLOC_ATTR_AB.

This is a very common issue and it appears in every cutovers and mocks and we usually ignore it.

So no need to escalate for this job cancellation on this error message, we can overlook it and go ahead to monitor other jobs.

2. BIA Index Rebuild Issue:

While triggered cubes index rebuild through tcode RSDDV, although we could see in sm37 that the job is completed and showing green in the status  but many a times if we go inside and check the job log

There might throw an error message as shown below.


So important is we need to check the job logs very closely for every cube in sm37,we need to recheck the status of the BWA going to transaction RSDDV.

The ideal case is that the status must be green for all the list of cubes for which BIA index being rebuilt.So goto Transaction RSDDV and Click the option BIA indexes and check the status:


The above screen shot shows an ideal case what the status should be reflecting for successful BIA index job  completion.

The only case is that if in anycase we find the status as red that means BIA Index has not been rebuilt successfully.

So we must note the cubes for which the status shows red.


1.Delete the indexes for the cubes being affected using the Program RSDDTREX_INDEX_DELETE

2.Rebuild  and fill the aggregates manually for all the cubes affected by following the below steps one by one:

     a)Write the affected cube name and click on BIA Index.


    b) The below screen will appear with the following message and we need to click on “CONTINUE”.


     c)  On completing the above step the following screen will appear with a message and we need to Click on Continue again.


        d) This step will be “IMMEDIATE”->”SAVE.


After executing the above 4 steps a background job will be scheduled and we need to monitor it closely in sm37.

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