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SAP Certification: Is the SAP Certification is a piece of paper ?

This blog describes about SAP Certification importance & key role in IT Professional world wide. The main objective of any SAP certification is to provide official and public recognition of an individual’s competencies and capabilities in a SAP professional subject area. This information is very useful for the SAPians who are going to appear for the first time for SAP Certification.

Is the SAP Certification is a piece of paper?  😕

Definitely Not! It’s a piece of our career growth. 🙂

Two things are required for a person to pass the SAP certification exam. knowledge & Self confidence is very much required to pass the SAP certification exam is among the most valuable skills required in the SAP field.

The topics covered by the SAP certification exam is all about different modules in SAP and so on.  Without the proper guidance, documents, experience, SAP professional, SCN guidance will find it difficult to understand many of the more complex technologies in the SAP field.

Why go for SAP certification?  I can show many outputs 🙂

Why is this beneficial?  I can say many reasons  🙂

SAP Certification helps IT guys and play an important role in developing a qualified IT Community. IT Professional like Managers, Analysts, Consultants, Programmers,Employers,Customer and Users all benefit from SAP certification.

Are SAP Certifications Really Important ? 😕

SAP certifications really provide a measure of your knowledge and skills in a particular area ? 😕

Whether SAP certification is useful for our career growth ? 😕

SAP Certification really help you get a job or promotion ? 😕

Is it the right way to develop and brush up our SAP Skills ? 😕

Is it the right time to spend money for SAP Certification ? 😕

For all the above questions, I can say only one answer “YES”. 🙂

Top Ten Things everyone Should Know About SAP Certifications:

SAP certification is a keystone in the careers of many IT professionals worldwide. This blog guides you through 10 things that you should know to make the right SAP certification choices for your IT career.

1 SAP Certifications are in high demand
2 SAP Certification is complex
3 SAP certification require hands-on experience in specific SAP module
4 There is no specific book, documents, reference guide, objectives “Right” Way to prepare for SAP certification. Each and Every information   is important in specific  SAP module. You will receive Q & A from anywhere from the particular SAP module

The Registration & Re-registration, Appearance & Re-appearance is bit time consuming & complicated. Please try to contact proper channels and  it will be easy to complete it   


Certification is little Stressful & difficult to clear. If you approach with positive attitude, definitely everyone can clear the certification

7 Each SAP Certification have different levels and concepts
8 If you clear highest level of SAP certification, definitely you will see greatest wonders in IT world
9 For SAP Certification, contact proper channels

10  SAP Certification is expensive but definitely it is useful for latest update & career-growth

During my SAP certification exam, I was panic and my heart was beating at a speed of 140 beats every minute. As my SAP PI Certification was about to start that time. I feel like taking one “cup of coffee” that time. 😥


Thousand of questions & confusions were rolling in my mind (and why not,  I was appearing for the certification for second time with only one month of preparation). First time, I am don’t know about the SAP Certification and I don’t know this much tough to clear it. I am failed ! I am shocked ! I am worried! I have decided not to lose my confidence and I applied SAP PI Certification second time. Atlast cleared my SAP PI Certification and excited! 😎

In today IT sectors, we see lots of technical certification programs & exams, some certification are related to Hardware,Software & Networking. Some certifications are conducted by SAP, Individual organization, Private firm. From the childhood, I have received many certificates but SAP Certificate is always special to me.

SAP Certification :  It is easy if you try! It is difficult if you think simple ! 🙂

Most of the senior IT guys says SAP certifications prove that an IT professional is knowledgeable but may not prove how well they can actually do the job.I assure that, certifications are very effective tool for building skill levels, improved marketability and career opportunities. 

Everyone need this more than anything right now. Pick yourself up and get your SAP certification.


I certified! Are you? Please go ahead ! Apply soon! Limited Seats Available! 😆 😆 😆

All the best ! Keep trying ! Everyone will achieve one day! 😎 😎 😎

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  • Thanks for sharing your experience about SAP PI Certification. Can you give few tips towards preparation. The only area where I struggle is ccBPM 🙂 .

      • Thank you Hari. It’s a coincidence that my name also is Hari 🙂 In my consulting experience the clients i worked with stayed away from using BPM so I had very little exposure to BPM. I am reading BIT430 BPM in preparation towards certification. From certification point of view how many questions can I expect from BPM ? Do i need to get some practical experience in BPM before taking the certification? Could you please share your email address so I can stay in touch .

        Thanks again !

        • Hi Hari,

          You are welcome. I cannot confirm about the exact number of question of BPM. Anyway, I will send you my email address directly to you and not in common place. Is that okay with you?


          Hari Suseelan

  • Hi hari,

    Thank you so much  for sharing this blog.even i am planning to give certification exam i need suggestions from you…



    • Hi Diwa,

      Anytime you can contact me, I am ready to help you. Whatever information you required about SAP certification. Please let me know. Thanks.


      Hari Suseelan

  • HI! Buddy

    Thanks for sharing your valuable views with all of us. It would be great if you could provide me with some guidance:

    I have just passed my MBA from a top business school in the UK. The MBA is a generic MBA and does not specialise in a specific area.

    I am thinking of getting into SAP consulting as an MBA and SAP make a very lucrative  and decent combination.

    Before my MBA i have worked in Sales and Marketing area: mainly Business to Business Sales, Field Sales, Account Management Sales.

    If needed i am  prepared to take a small crash course in Software Engineering basics in India, from NIIT or Aptech etc, India.

    ( to gain basic and technical understanding).

    Now my Main questions are:

    • Which would be a good Module for me to take in SAP?
    • Which are the best SAP training centres in India, where a job placement is offered after the course?
    • Which is good place to gain IT, Software Engineering, IT basics knowledge in India? where i could gain a placement and hand on experience?

    Financing my study fees is a concern but not a problem, but  do need a reputed training centre and a job placement. Need as much possible hands on experience, on live projects etc.

    Any information & help appreciated!



    • Hi Abhishek,

      Thanks for your appreciation.

      I request you to post this question in the discussion in SCN Career Center.

      It will be useful for others to understand your issue and you will get many response from many senior SCN member.


      Hari Suseelan

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your appreciation. Also I suggest you to apply for SAP Certification which will help you and your career to move forward in better way.

      All the best !


      Hari Suseelan

  • Hari,

    This blog is wonderful.

    When i did my certification i was and tensed , if i would be able to clear it it or not? I never took a formal training in any SAP training institute, however my office had given me some training for 20 days. I had a good number years of hands on experience and only self study before i appeared for it and passed 🙂 .

    What i feel, the key to clear of the exam as you told  “knowledge & Self confidence is very much required to pass the SAP certification”.

    One thing which i noticed in IT industry, people do certification like getting a paper in IT industry (more billing 🙂 ). Getting a certification is not the goal  but if someone cleared it then it is even harder to be with the pace as the industry and business evolving very rapidly.

    Again appreciating for this wonderful blog post.



    • Hi Sayantan,

      I dont say completing certification is not difficult and it’s also not easy too. If you seriously think about SAP Certification value, definitely you can clear it. After clearing the SAP certification you will all 7 wonders in one place.

      SCN is always the best place to learn and share technical skills. Keep sharing and contributing.

      All the best !


      Hari Suseelan