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Create Custom Sap Query in ECC and integrate with MSS Reporting Launchpad:

MSS Reporting Launchpad integration with MDT provides flexibility for adding Custom SAP queries into MSS reports.

The business benefit is that there is no need of creating additional authorisation objects and redesign the SAP ABAP Web dynpro reports similar to SAP Queries to restrict managers to view only the details of his/ her own direct / indirect reports

This document explains step by step configuration of bringing SAP Queries into MSS Reporting Launchpad.

Step1: Create a custom query for example in T.Code SQ01


Step2: Generate the query

Query–>More Functions–>Generate Program

This will generate a program in Table TRDIR


Step3: IMG–>Manager’s Desktop–>Enhancement of Function Codes–>Define Function Codes


Step4: IMG–>Manager’s Desktop–>Enhancement of Function Codes–>Define Structure of Function Codes


Step5: IMG–>Human Resources Information System–>Define Task Functions

Note: The program name entered here should be from Table TRDIR




Step7: Got to T.code LPD_CUST


Note: System creates a new node for Employee Data with New MDT Entries and generates the reports in it. You can drag and drop in Employee Data Node.

Also system generates a number which is different from Table T77I3.

Step8: Goto to portal and Login as Manager and see the out put of the Report/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/8_354492.png

Click on Launch Report to view the output of the report.


Enjoy working with SAP HCM:-)

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  1. Former Member


    I am wondering if you can help

    I am trying to run program RP_MSS_CONVERT_MDT_TO_LPD_CUST and i being told it doesn’t exist.

    I have found program APB_LPD_LPA_CUST_TO_LPD_CUST which is doing a conversion but it is missing vital information like the system alias’, so my applications won’t launch.

    Any ideas?

  2. Former Member

    Hi Finderup,

    Did you find out answers.As I am trying to activate MSS Reports as explained above. But after all settings Report output open in SAPGUI HTML . We want output in WD ABAP. Are there any other way to get WD abap based reports. As output in GUI HTML will provide employee to backend access.





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