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Checking out Features from Analysis Office to Design Studio

I am using Analysis Office 1.4 SP5 and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

First I create the Analysis Office workbook with Conditional Formatting to highlight projects over budget.  I include a cross tab and a chart.  Below is how it looks in Analysis Office:

1analysisofficewithconditional formatting.PNG

I included some filters in Analysis Office as well.

I click the “Create Web Application” button in Analysis Office.  This takes me to Design Studio:

2howitlooks in ds.PNG

Note that it doesn’t highlight the conditional formatting for projects over budget until I set the Conditional Formatting property to True on the Crosstab, as shown below:


This is how it looks at run time in Design Studio:


I can interact and select the filters as well.


So in less than 5 minutes I can “mobilize” Analysis Office with no programming required.  I need to work on the spacing some more so it is not so crowded with the filters in the future.

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  • Hi Tammy.

    Did you use a spesial CSS file to get the circles into the crosstab?

    Is it possible for you to share the syntax ?

    I tried the same in Las Vegas at Tech-ed, but only got the colored cells not the icons/cirkles.


    • Hi Ingrid - I did not use CSS

      In Analysis Office I defined the conditional formatting and set it to a status symbol - see below:


      Good luck!

      • Hi again Tammy 🙂

        We were hoping this could apply for conditional formatting set from the Bex Query,

        and directly in Design Studio.

        We expected the conditional formatting from the Bex Query could be interpreted into either background colour or status symbol. Directly in Design Studio.

        In Analysis for Office,  I am not able to change the display of the conditional formatting from bex.  I have to make new ones to get the status symbol.

        It might be that my SP is to low.  I am currently on

        Best Regards  Ingrid

        • Hi Ingrid,

          You can activate the BEx exceptions from the Query Designer in Analysis Office but I do not think you can change them.

          In my case, I created the conditional formatting in Analysis Office

          In your case, I think it would be good to upgrade to 1.4 SP5 Analysis Office.

          On this:

          Ingrid Husby wrote:

          We expected the conditional formatting from the Bex Query could be interpreted into either background colour or status symbol. Directly in Design Studio.

          I haven't tried this, but to me this is not expected behavior.  I will try later today (the work day started here) but that is my take.

  • Hi Tammy

    this is a very cool functionality. i am developing Design Studio Application for Data Source "HANA CDS view". and HANA CDS view can not provide Conditional Formatting. using your method, i can connect my CDS view to Analysis Office, within AO, i extend the data source by introducing in the conditional formatting. and then from AO, i  move on with "create web application".


    now, i met a problem:

    after the Design Studio application was published to BI platform, when i execute the application from the BI launchpad, i could not see the result, but 2 error messages: could not instantiate the data source. and Can not load query.

    am i missing any configuration within Design Studio? thanks Tammy!

    • Lizho, when you do this, you need to be on the same platform

      For example, you need to use Analysis Office on the BI Platform and then use Design Studio on the BI platform