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Planning file entry concept in MRP

Planning file entry

The first process in MRP is the checking of the planning file entry.

The planning run and the scope of the planning run (which materials are planned in which planning run) are controlled by the planning file.

The planning file contains a list of all materials relevant to the planning run. As soon as a material master record is created with MRP data and a valid MRP type, this material is then automatically included in the planning file.

During MRP run at plant level system checks for the materials which are having indicator activated in planning file and plans those materials and will not plan the materials for which this indicator is not activated….this reduces the run time of the MRP..

Entry in planning file is deleted immediately after MRP run….

Entry in planning file is again activated when there is change to material with respect to MRP… like below.

Change in stock

Change in requirement

Change in MRP data in material master

Change in receipt elements like Planned orders or purchase requisitions…

How to see the planning file indicator…go to transaction MD21

Enter material and plant then execute


Initial situation of the material  in MD04

Now check for the planning file entry

Now add requirement to the material with MD61

Now check for the planning file entry again….now indicator will be activated

Now carryout planning run….MD02

Now check for planning file entry again. It will be reset….as shown below…

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