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Create IDT Connection to SAP HANA SP07

as promised in my previous blog Testing HANA Client on BI4.1 Server

I will show you how can create a Connection to HANA SP07 from the IDT (Information Design Tool)

Introduction :

IDT is a 32bit tool, therefore it will see only 32bit other architecture tools, such like ODBC

whatever ODBC we have created in previous blog was a 64bit ODBC

whatever SAP HANA Client we have installed before was also a 64bit Software

therefore the 32bit IDT cannot access the 64bit ODBCT

then you need to create another ODBC Connection, but this time you have to create a 32bit ODBC Connection

Windows nowadays gives you two different Software for ODBC (32 and 64) to create different ODBC

NOTE: BI4 Platform accesses only 64bit ODBCs, then you need to create both, 64 and 32 bit

HANA Client 32 bit, when i got the SAP HANA software, i found only the SAP HANA Client for Windows 64bit, i didnt find the 32bit one

so if you dont have it, you need to download the HANA Client 32bit software

follow this guide: Downloading 32bit version of SAP HANA Client | SAP HANA

the software Link:

Download and install the SAP HANA Client 32bit softawre, Same Steps as we installed the 64bit Installing SAP HANA Client on BI4.1 Server

Create a 32bit ODBC, same as we have done for the 64bit, except from windows you have to choose the 32bit ODBC Testing HANA Client on BI4.1 Server

Make sure you use the same name for the Data Source 🙂 , so when you export the Connection to the BI4.1 Platform, the system understand it.

Now i think you are ready to create the IDT Connection for SAP HANA

Creating the IDT Connection:

1. Open the IDT


2. From file Menu, New -> Project


3. After creating the Project, Right click the Project Name New -> Relational Connection


4. Put the Connection Name


5. Browse from the Databases Driver to SAP> SAP HANA database 1.0> ODBC

you can still use the JDBC connection for direct connection access, but for this example we have used ODBC


6. Put the ODBC Connection information, user name and password for HANA, and the ODBC Name we have created before


7.from Previous step, click Next and Next and Finish. you will have the connection Created


Now you were able to create your first connection to SAP HANA Database from the BI4.1 IDT which is the first step to create your first universe on SAP HANA. you can test the connection in the previous screen to make sure it works fine.

Next Blog we may create the Data Foundation to continue all the way creating the universe on top of SAP HANA



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