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Many times in our project we need to transport our Universe,Webi reports etc from one SAP BO Server to Other (Dev to Quality/Prod).We need to transport the connections also along with them so that we don’t need to recreate it. SAP BO BI 4.0 provides Promotion Management for Transport of objects, this tool consists of an important operation “Override Settings” which allow us to transport the connections and other details along with the other objects promotion.

This document provide us the details of how to Transport the connections and other details related to a connection from one SAP BO server to Other.

Prerequisites –

  • Access to CMC (Central Management Console)
  • Administrative Rights to access Promotion Management Tool from CMC.
  • Server Details and Credentials of both the BO environment between whom transfer needs to be done.
  • If you are transferring directly between the BO Servers than both the server should be on same network or can talk to each other.


Login to CMC


Open the Promotion Management from Manage List available.


Inside Promotion Management , select Override Settings.


It will open a new window. If its already logged in with Central CMS then log out from there and log in with Source Server details.

Below you can see that no server has been logged in.

Press Login.


Choose the source BO Server from the System drop down and provide the credentials for the same.


As you logged in , you will see a Scan Drop down.


Choose Start Scan from the drop down , this will search all the connections that can be transport.


Once the Scan is over you will be able to see the list of connections you have in your BO server.

All will be in Inactive state by default.


Now, choose the connection you want to transport to the destination server , in our case as per below screen shot its Secondary Sales, which is Inactive at present.


Make the connection (Secondary Sales) Active and press Save and then press Promote Overrides.

A new window will pop up which will ask you for the destination server details..


Log into the Destination server with appropriate credentials.

Once its logged in , click Promote.


Now , your promotion has been processed successfully from source to destination server.Next step is to configure it according to destination BO Server.

Log out from the Source System by clicking Logoff.

Press Login and this time select the destination server from the System drop down and provide the appropriate credentials.


Once logged in you will be able to see all the transported connections, below we can see Secondary Sales is also there.


Select the connection which you want to edit, and Press Edit.


This will open a window to edit the connection details, for our case the connection was made to SAP BW server (Data source).

Fill up all the details of destination SAP BW server or the server which you want to use in Destination reports/universe etc.

Once completed, press Done.


Make the connection as Active and click Save.


Now, your universe or reports will use the updated credentials of the server and will work fine.



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  1. Former Member

    Hi! Can you help us ?!

    I have a problem with transport.

    I need to transport relational connection created by IDT (4.1 SP4) to the testing environment and i can’t see the created connection in the CMC…

    Regards, Zhomart.

    1. Jawahar Konduru

      How did you create relation connection? Did you create in IDT? If you have created in IDT, did you create on local project or in repository resources? Make sure the connection exists in repository resources, that will make sure your connection exists in CMC.

      1. Former Member

        yes, relational connection. I created in IDT in repository resource. I can see connection in repository, but in transport area…

        thank you for reply!

        Regards, Zhomart


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