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New capitalized date Change in AS01 and recalculate depreciation value for Adjust

Scenario: New change capitalization on date from present date to past date and re-calculate the depreciation which will post  remaining depreciation on 13th month.

For example:

•Capitalized on  new (Past) date:       06/30/2012

•Capitalized on  old(present) date:     11/30/2012



   1. Go to OA02 – substitutions in Mass change.

   2. Again go to OA02 and enter your substitution and save

   3. Go to AS02 and Enter the New capitalization on date in Ordered on Field for all selected assets for  temporary purpose,

       later need to delete the  Ordered on date,  once  change to new capitalization date

   4. Go to AR01 T code  – Call Asset List

   5. AR31 – Edit Work list.

   6. Enter the work list number which is already created in AR01 T. Code and enter the parameters like above.

   7. T code: AS02 to change Asset     Note: Check whether new capitalization change or not,

       if yes and remove the Dates at Ordered on field for all selected assets.

   8. Run the Depreciation  – AFAB

   9. Final we can run the t code AW01N to see Test results for selected assets.

Proposed Solution to business:

Based on requirement, we cannot change Capitalized on date in asset master and it will not allowed changing the same.

So based on that, I have Proposed Solution to business through substitutions and I have run Successful thorough Substitutions.

  1. Go go OA02 –  substitutions in Mass changeuntitled1.JPG

            Click on substitutions


           Click on create Substitutions

           And enter the Substitution Description like above.


          Click on Step  and select Table – ANLA and field-AKTIV and press enter.


           And enter the Step Description like above and press enter. 

          Click on Prerequisite ,Double click on Company code and select the  =  icon


           Click on Constant and enter your company code and press enter


          Click on Substitutions and press F4 at Capitalization on field and select Table – ANLA and field- BSTDT , press enter and Save.

          2. Again go to OA02 and enter your substitution and save


         3. Go to AS02 and enter asset


                  4.  Go to AR01 T code  – Call Asset List


    Enter above parameters and click Multiple selection button

    First copy selected assets and Click on past button and click on execute button

                   5. AR31 – Edit Worklist

   Enter the parameters and click Multiple selection button

   First copy selected assets and Click on past button and click on execute button


                  Click on create worklist


                   Enter WL name and select the Change asset field and click on continue button


Press F4 at substitution and enter the substitution name: ZACAPDT   and Click on continue                                           untitled16.JPG


                   Like above  work list number will create and please note the same.

  6. Enter the worklist number which is already created in AR01 T. Code


     And enter the parameters like above. And click on execute button


        Select the work list, click on Release work list, and click refresh button.

                        7. T code: AS02 to chane Asset.



                         Check whether new capitalization change or not, if yes and remove the Dates at Ordered on field for all selected assets.


                      And change Ordinary depreciation start date as per requirement like – 06/01/2013 based on new capitalization date.

                    8. AFAB :- Depreciation Run


                      Enter the parameters like above and select the List assets, select the Test run check box

                      Remove the Test run check box, select the List assets, click on execute in background and complete the steps

                      9. Final we can ring the following t code to see Test results for selected assets

                       Asset Explorer – AW01N


In above screen, you can see the in 13 month depreciation posted successfully for adjusting depreciation values.   

Please provide your vaulale suggestions on this document for changing any thing.

Hope this blog will helpful to All


Best Regards

Sudharshana Vamsi

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  • Good Document Vamsi.

    What happens to the value of depreciation which is already being posted?

    Example: If the capitalization date 01.01.2013 and we have run the depreciation for 3 months and now we are changing the capitalization date to 01.04.2013. - how will the system behave in this case? it is possible?


    Narin Kamuni

  • I'm not sure this is a good solution.  There is a reason why it doesn't let you change the capitalization date after the asset has been posted to and that is that there must be consistency between the FI posting and the asset's capitalization date.  You've found an interesting backdoor but this isn't the right way to deal with this issue.  Just do a transfer.

    • HI Nathan,

      Thanks for comments............

      Since business user want keep actual capitalization date as per the actual acquisition and if change capitalization date as per the actual acquisition. And we have changed the ordinary Depreciation date as per new Capitalization date then we should run Depreciation ,after that system will create FI document aswell as asset difference  for in-consistency amount.

      And also this issue happen almost 1 year for we did not receive any concerns from business........

      Even we have run the FI and Asset report and wedidnot get any inconsistency in the amount

      Can you please tell me..what is the necessary to transfer balance and which amount we need to transfer and how! kidly advise.

      Thank you very much....



      • For starters, the capitalization date doesn't influence the calculation of depreciation.  If you want to have the asset depreciate as if it were purchased in June, then just set the depreciation start date to June.  You don't need to change the capitalization date.

        The capitalization date was most likely (there are exceptions) automatically populated based on the FI posting to the asset.  That was in November.  How much sense does it make if you make the posting in November... i.e, the entry is financially recognizable in November, but the asset is recognized and should be on the books as of June.?  That requirement makes no sense to me.  If they want it to post in June, then reverse the posting, close out the asset, and re-do it correctly in June.

        • Thanks for your comments once again!!Capture1.JPG

          We did same thing ...but we Capitalization date chage only for there reporting and audit purpose only as per depreciation start date....



  • Hi Experts,

    If we want to calculate the depreciation following month of capitalization date for the existing already  depreciated assets how to proceed ahead. Please suggest us once.

    Business scenario:-

    Recently my client came back to us to change the depreciation start date as following month of capitalization as per their policy. Earlier depreciation is calculating in the month of capitalization. I have changed the period control method set up for the same. Please suggest how to proceed ahead i.e. could we change depreciation start date now or asset capitalization date ?

    I hope changing depreciation start date is the correct approach hence kindly suggest the further required corresponding steps to post the correct depreciation as per their policy.

    kindly share your expertise to meet the client requirement in HANA. Your inputs are highly helpful.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Lakshmi S